Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When the whole universe falls in love...

They say... they ask... again and again
Not to get acquainted with this thing called love
They blame it for all the terrible pains
They condemn it for causing throbbing heart aches
They denounce it as a forbidden poison
Poison that intoxicates all, like venom
But how can one deny the warmth of love
How can you ask your heart not to dive in its tenderness
How can one not get smitten by this alluring passion,
When the whole universe seems to be enchanted with its magic?
When everyone around seems to be lured with its charm...
Aren't those stars in love with the beautiful moon?
If not, then why do they follow its every move?
Isn't the sun in love with that far lying horizon?
If not, then why does it sleep in the warmth of its arms?
Isn't the sky in love with the gigantic sea?
If not, then why does it leave its refection in its eyes?
Aren't the clouds in love with the land?
If not, then why do they gift it, those precious beautiful rain jewels?
Isn't the rainbow in love with the gorgeous sky?
If not, then why do it always shy away like a pretty bride?
Aren't the dew drops in love with the bright sunlight?
If not, then why do they wait for it for such long nights? 
Isn't the wind in love with everything around?
If not, then why does it tease us all like a lover?
Isnt the ocean in love with the sand?
If not, then why do they hug and romance all the time?
Aren't the days in love with the nights?
If not, then why do they melt in night's embrace with twilight
Aren't the nights in love with the days?
If not, then why do they let the days rest in the tenderness of their arms till the dawn?
Isn't everything around in love with everyone?
Then why do they blame love for spreading the pain?
Doesn't love add a passion, fervor and zeal to this air?
Isn't the love reason for all the mysteries and excitement?
Then why do they blame love for spreading the pain?
Instead, it should be blamed for romanticizing everything around
For adding colors  in this otherwise black and white world
For adding romance in this otherwise insipid world
For adding warmth in this otherwise cold world
For adding affection in this otherwise hatred world
Its love that keeps us alive
Because aren't our breaths in love with our soul?
This is the romancing universe we live in,
Thanks for the love for making it beautiful and stunning...

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