Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kill those bacterias causing hypocrisy in you!

 “Hypocrisy annoys me, people need to look into mirrors. Let me hold a mirror in front of your face.”
― C. JoyBell C.

I never wanted to write this post because of many reasons. Well you already know what I'm going to talk about! Still, let me elaborate a bit. I am just and just getting so irritated and annoying with the hypocrisies of people these days!! Its kind of becoming unbearable for me.Worst is when people belonging to these species sit next to you and brag about something, which you know is completely wrong and damn, you cant say anything! Thanks to the courtesy genes imbibed in us, from childhood.

Now, why I did not wanted to write this post. Well, while writing this post I will have to give examples of my acquaintances, people who are around me all the time, and by chance, if they get across this post, they might get a heart attack. Because certainly, I am just not going to keep even a inch of courtesy here. And they would surely recognize that it has been written for them! But then, I decided to write about it, because there are hardly any of my friends visiting my blogs. They, probably are not even aware of it :(

Anyways, yeah so today I witnessed the heights of hypocrisy! There is this friend of mine. Only just me, everyone knows that she applies dozens and dozens of make-up (its visible!!!), every week she has appointments in the parlor (we have the same parlor) and today, suddenly I saw a post on her FB wall, 'I don't use foundation, I even don't care to put sunscreen, I dont care about getting tanned. I love myself like this, I never had a stylish hair cut and blah blah blah...' God!!! How I controlled myself from commenting there, only I am aware of! Its not a crime to put make-up... Or its not that, that women who put make-up are 'bad' or something... I mean why??? Why and where was the need of these stupid statements? Where is 'greatness' in showing that you dont apply make-up? Oh ok, you want to say that you have natural beauty! Ok, done... agree:)

Lets move on to next sample, another friend of mine. She keeps on bragging in front of all, 'I hate white skin, it looks so pale, the spots are so easily visible and all that crap!' I went to her place one day for some work and guess what I saw there? The iconic, must-be-banned cream "Fair and lovely"... And I wanted to bash her there itself but then, I have already thanked my courtesy genes which I will do again here! I mean, for God sake! Its awesome to have a wheatish complexion. Most beautiful women in the world are wheatish: Hally Berry, Bipasha Basu and the goddess of beauty Chitrangangna herself! Be proud of your color, just don't give useless excuses. Don't criticize other's skin color just to make yourself feel better! It shows your insecurity!

Lets jump to the next example. This one is just mind-blowing! She cribs in front of her friends, 'Oh! I am fed of this xyz guy. he is just behind me! Plz save me somehow from him. I hate to see his face' and after, 2 days there is a picture on FB, hugging him (well, almost!) with the tags "Best friends". Now, do I have any damn thing left to say here? No! All I can say is, its visible and people notice these kind of hypocrisies!

Time for the next one. She doesn't know ABC of football or cricket, I know that because I know her too well! But then, there will updates on her FB wall, after every match... "Well done Germany!" "India needs to play well" and many others, almost after every match... Guys, its ok not to have any interest in sports! Its really not a mandatory thing. But in an urge to prove yourself to be cool, you actually make fool out of yourself, in front of all! People can really figure out the difference between fake and genuine posts!

Few more, let me just brief them up now:

"I hate watching Bollywood movies! They are full of crap! I just love English movies!" Well, Ok! Eyes drooling
"I don't listen to hindi music, I love listening to English music only!" Well, who's your fav singer, 'Justin Bieber' Really???
"I just like going around with C-Class executives!" Yes guys, believe me!!! I have hard this as well! And you can imagine the amount of control that I needed to stop from killing her.
"I loveeee you and miss you!", a post on FB says with a very sweet couple hugging! She got shifted to Delhi and poor husband is in Mumbai. When she goes to Mumbai, instead of being with Mr. Husband, she is partying every single night with her friends. How come I know?? Thanks to FB and Instagram and yes, thanks to people's stupidity when they think that "Partying is the ONLY cool way to spend your weekends!"
Poor hubby! And he is just happy with 'I miss you!"

Well, there are many other stories! But these are the kinds of hypocrites I deal with every single day and how much I hate it, only I know. Probably, I just hate it when people lie. I hate it when people kind of put a mask to hide their real self. Its a sign of weakness guys. Really!

Be yourself, love yourself. And believe me, you will have no need to brag anything because you will find your real self so beautiful! :)

Keep smiling always:)

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