Monday, May 21, 2012

The biggest enemy of Women: Lets Face it, Fight it and Kill it

I wanted to write this post since long but these days, I am so stuck up with the peraphernalia of life that sometimes, I even forget who I am and I wonder what am I doing with life??? And thats majorly because of a change in my office's location which is now, at the other end of the city so my morning activities have got shifted prior by 2 hrs and my evening chores are now 2 hrs behind than before!

Anyways, this is not what I wanted to discuss. The thing which I really want to write about is the one of the biggest health issue which women of today are facing and that is the danger of Breast cancer! After reading this one line, you must be wondering that why am I so exaggerating, there are many other health issues which max women are facing today for eg. arthritis. Yes, thats true but I am sure all those health problems will not be so challenging as Breast Cancer. They will not need the amount of mental and physical strength which a patient of breast cancer need to deal with it. Atleast we all are aware of the causes of many of diseases so there are chances of taking precautions but in the case of breast cancer, there is no defined list of causes so there is no chance of taking any absolute precaution! Now, Isnt that dangerous? Also, the pace with which this dreadful and treacherous disease is grabbing its victims is enormous and is increasing every year! It is definately growing at an alarming rate.
According to the Delhi Cancer Registry data, the number of cancer cases in rural areas is 14.5 per 100,000, whereas in urban areas, it is 26.9 per 100,000.

The major and most common causes (or rather I will say the easiest explaination) for this disease mentioned everywhere are no time for fitness, bad food, increased tobacco and alcohol consumption and lifestyle changes like late marriage, late children and blah blah. But I know somebody who lives in a small town of Rajasthan, whos lifestyle is as simple as it can be. She was married when she was 21, she had children at around 23, she had never ever touched alchohol or ciggrette and yes, nobody does that in her house so there is no chance of being a passive smoker as well, she used to do all her household things, she used to live on 1st floor so she used to move up and down atleast 20 times a day, guess thats an enough amount of exercise!! But then one day, she got little pain in one of her breasts. She went to a dr and he prescribed her the required tests etc. She took the tests and the reports revealed that she had breast cancer! Everybody went into the doom of shock! Even she doesn't have the count of hrs she had shed her tears that day! Nobody including the drs knew the reason of this condition of hers! Strange. In her case, all the mentioned and given causes for BC were contradictory.

But she had to make herself strong as she has 2 small girls who need their mother, she has a home who needs her care, she has a husband who need her now the most when he is moving towards old age... And so she decided to go ahead with the treatment and started going for chemotherapy. She describes that process to be very very painful, hurting and excrutiating but then, she had to bear all that bravely in the hope of getting completely fine and healthy one day.  The cost in terms of money was again huge and was completely unbearable for a middle class family but thanks to few of her relatives who came ahead with help at this point of need. The most dreadful experience of all was when after every chemotherapy session, her hair used to fall like anything! She started seeing bald patches on her scalp and used to actually howl and scream while holding the discarded hair in her palms. This torture, suffering and agony went on for a complete year when Dr finally declared that she was completely out of danger now and she could lead a normal life after that!

Obviously nobody could imagine the extent of ecstacy she and her family was in! On a trip to my native place, I got to meet her in last feb. She looked happy and contented! Infact, she was just not scared of talking about it. She told me parts of her torture, the feelings, the emotions, the physical pain, the mental agony etc, She told me all and also said that she had still not understood the reason of why she got infected from Breast cancer, when she had taken all the precautions all her life to be safe even from small infections. But finally, she was happy she got out rid of it safely. And yes, not to mention her hair had started growing back and denser and blacker this time! The extent of her happiness was so clearly pouring in the form of words from her mouth.

And so was the case with everyone around her.We all were happy to see her happy and smiling again.

But then, just a few days back I got to know that she is suffering from liver cancer! Ahhhh, I just have no words how I felt. The feeling which I faced after hearing about this terrible news was far more worst than any pain!! I just had tears in my eyes and no words on my lips! Why she again? Why she??? She had already suffered so much in life. Why has life selected her again for this test? Will she be brave enough to go through that familier pain again? Will she be brave enough to come out of this suffering again?  I wish God give her all the strength in the world to fight, to fight with this untammed animal called Cancer!!!

All I want to say here is the moment you feel something different, anything peculier within your body, plz DO NOT ignore that. Our body has a tendency to give us indications/ hints when something is wrong with it. Plz do not ignore those. If you feel something strange, big or small, go and see a dr immediately! Plz start living out of that old notion that "I can never suffer from this". Acc to a research, about 4 out of 5 breast cancer patients are at an advanced stage when they come to a hospital which is strange and also, which kills the max chances of getting rid of the cancer.

So ladies Take care and keep smiling always. Also, lets pray from this brave lady about whom I just mentioned. I wish she gets well soon and I really want to see her smiling the next time I see her.

God give her alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the strength!

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