Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The first man I ever loved

From last 2 days, don’t know why but I am missing my dad like anything!

It goes without saying that he was the first man I ever loved!! He has been an epitome of perfection to me. Somebody who gave me his unconditional love and support whenever and wherever required!

I belong to a very small place called Saharanpur and society there is still in mid 19’s. Yes, it is! Its conventional and conservative. But despite of being a part of such a society, my dad gave me the freedom and independence which I needed! I love him for that.

If I have to describe our relationship, then I would say that it is strange but still, it is beautiful! He made me strong in his own way. He taught me how to face the world in his own way. He gave me a sense of security. He made me independent. His ways were definitely different but they carried an assurance of success. Whatever I am today, I completely owe it to him. I can’t thank God for giving me such a strong man as a father!

He is my biggest appreciator and also, my worst critic! And when he criticize me for something, I become stubborn to do the same thing in a much better way and turn my dad's criticism to appreciation. And thus, he nurtured a natural urge within me to win!

There were days when whatever I used to do was to make my Dad feel proud and even today, it is the same. When I achieve anything, my dad is the first person on earth to learn about the thing. When I am happy for something, he is the first person to know the reason of my happiness.

I love you Dad! Just want to make you proud!


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