Thursday, June 21, 2012

The terrible weeks!

Its been 2 weeks since I wrote something! Feeling so terrible and guilty...

But yes, I have my own valid reasons for not able to do so:( Last 2 weeks were hectic would be an understatement! Seriously, they were actually weird. So much had happened.

The worst of all incidents was when one of my very good friends who was going to get married soon, got married to someone else which came like a shock to all of us. Anyways, I am nobody to judge or say about any body's decisions but I am made to rethink on the definition of friendship! I am somebody who really and strongly believe in this one word called friendship! I always stand by the view that what a friend can do for you, nobody on this earth is capable of doing that! You just feel free with them, totally careless! You hang around with them, you have fun with them, they make you smile, you share each and every part of your life with them, they give you this endless happiness which nobody can give you. You just trust them. But from last week's incident, I have started doubting this point of view of mine. I mean how is it possible that I just could not understand what was going on within the person who was so close to me, who was my best friend! How was that one person able to hide so much from me!

Anyways, guess I am going to take my own time to get over it.

Second, I lost one of my pet turtles! Oh that was something so so unbearable. I never ever wanted to lose it. I have no idea what went wrong. I had it since last one year. I always tried my best to love and give it the best care. Its highly impossible for me to understand. I am in terrible pain because of it. I just loved it! Its name was tutu... and I miss it.

Third, my husband is out of town for 14 days. Gosh, loneliness can really turn you mad. No, am serious. It can! I am almost on a stage of begging him to come back and its just been 1 week, there is one more week to go!!!!

Gosh, sometimes you just feel that nothing is going on the right track!why, why, why!!!!

I am just trying to collate all my optimistism and focus it to make me strong and make me smile! Thank God I have some amazing people in my office and in my office bus!!! They just don't let me think about anything sad...:)

Keep smilingggggggg alwazzzzzzzzz...


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  2. got a solution for u...draw a sketch of your pet turtle as an homage to will keep u occupied in ur free time ( cure for loneliness) and ur mind away from ur friend too....

  3. hey Riddhi:) Thanks:) I actually did that n i was so glad after that:):):) Will put it on the sketches blog on sat:)


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