Thursday, January 24, 2013

Standing on the edge of a river

And guess who's back exactly after 2 months! Its me!!!! No explanations! Just wanna say one thing: Dear Diary, I missed you! I really missed you<3<3<3

N here comes something that I wrote last month:)

Standing on the edge of a river,
Watching my reflection in its water...
I ask myself who am I? Who am I?
I urge to know who exactly am I?
A mere piece of flesh and bones?
That carries a bunch of  fatuous emotions?
Emotions that are meaningless to others,
Emotions that has no real existence in this world...
For them, I am a human, I am a woman,
or for few, I am just a walking skeleton...
They have the freedom to define me,
They enjoy the ungiven authority to fix different labels on me...
But why am I not able to understand who truly am I?
Will I ever be able to know the true meaning of my individuality?
Standing on the edge of a flowing river,
Watching my trembling reflection in its water...
I feel as if its shivering in agitation,
'Coz I am unable to identify and recognize it...
Or is it the water, that is jolting my reflection to wake up,
Wake up from some deep sleep...
Jolting it in anger to wake my soul up,
To wake it up and face this world...
How hard I try to make my refection static,
How hard I try to make my image firm...
My reflection tries hard to get back in shape,
For me to acknowledge and know who am I...
Still I am unable to understand who exactly am I?
I am unable to discover the true meaning of my existence!

Keep smiling and stay blessed:)

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