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Grass is green everywhere

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.
- Charles Spurgeon

You would have surely heard this very famous and over used phrase which goes like this: The grass is always greener on the other side

Like everyone, even I was bored to death of receiving the same monotonous answer every time I used to talk about change with someone.

But then, few days back I realized how true this one single fact is! This one single fact which is considered a cliché and is taken with total contempt, holds the key to our happiness. Well, it does! We just fail to observe that grass has the same green color on our end as well. Let me try to throw some light on it with a personal example of mine.

In whatever job I had been, its just been so difficult for me to satisfy the untamed urge residing inside me, that was never contented. I mean after getting into a job I just used to start missing my last job. I always used to feel infatuated towards other jobs and other's jobs as well and this trait always denied me from enjoying my current work! I feel pity on myself.

I had developed this tendency of seeing and appreciating the positives of the other side and only compare the negatives of my current situation with it. BTW, most of these negatives were just conjured and insinuated by my forlorn mind.  Obviously the positive, happy or rather 'green' side would any day look lucrative. It started killing me from inside. I ended up being a very unhappy, irritated, murky, depressed, always cribbing, negative and a very dejected person who started disdaining life. Now, who loves to be with such a person! Life and everything about it begun to look so mundane, so insipid to me. But when these things started initiating a change in my personality, it raised an alarm within me. I knew that something was wrong. And it was then when I analyzed the whole situation, I realized I was fool enough not to compare an apple with an apple. I was just being so preposterous. My senses were just working contrary to reason.

The first thing that I did was listing down all the awesome things around me, about my job, about my life, about the people around me and believe me, I felt so relieved, so happy and so blessed. I just don't miss anything in life now. Its perfect! Hey BTW, am I sounding like those horrible ads that run across all the channels after 12 in the night, the ones that naively proclaims the before and after effects of some stupid, idiotic product!!! Whatever...

Its essential to comprehend the importance of what you have, what you hold and only then, you can appreciate the value of life. Push yourself to come out of this grotesque labyrinth that would eventually kill your happiness, if left untamed. It would change you from inside without you even knowing it. It would turn you into a terrible, frustrating and a miserable person. And I am sure, nobody would want to end up there, and that too being alone. Alone? Alone because as I mentioned above as well nobody wants to be in the company of such people who just spread negativity around them. Infact people with the same horrible traits will try to run away from you!

So, try to see the 'green' grass on your end. I even thought of trying one more technique to make me look at the brighter side of my current life. I thought of observing the negatives of the other end and then, compare and try to appreciate what I have this side. But then, why to bring in negatives at all in this whole ecosystem. No need. See the positives of the both the ends. And even then, you will be able to appreciate the good things you have currently and this will make you love where you stand now. It will fill you with confidence and self-belief.

And BTW, this applies to everything in life. Everything! Love your life. You just get it once and its just too short to crib about what you don't have.I know its hardwired within us to notice the happiness of what we dont have. But then, whenever your mind pushes you to that end, just rebuke it, ask it to shut up and listen to your heart, take a cup of coffee, pick some amazing book, sit in a balcony and enjoy and cherish the moments. You will fall in love with life! Believe me. It worked for me. I am sure, it will work for you as well. All you have to do is eradicate all the negatives thought and change them to positives ones:)

There is this movie which I watched few months ago, called To Rome with love, where one of the characters Leopoldo lives a mundane life with his wife and two children until on fine day when he wakes up one morning to discover that he has become a national celebrity. Paparazzi started documenting his every move. Initially he loves it and enjoys it but then, gradually it wears on him. He started craving for his old life, the boring one. And it happens! Media abandons Leopoldo when they found someone more interesting than him. At first, Leopoldo welcomes the return to his old life. But then, one day he breaks down when no one asks for his autograph on the road. And that's the lesson of the movie: Life can be monotonous and wearying whether one is a celebrity or a normal man.

It just how you chose to live it:) You can choose to be happy or you are also free to choose the other way:)

Keep smiling alwaz... It takes nothing!

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
- Dalai Lama


  1. One cannot hide all the negativity going on around oneself - negative things prompt us to work towards creating a change. I would rather look at things objectively, with a detached (& frank) view, than positively.

    Destination Infinity

  2. @ Team Blogadda: Thanks:) That was such an amazing feeling to see the post in Tangy Tuesday Picks:) Super happy!

  3. @ Destination Infinity: I completely agree! I believe that it depends on individual to individual, the way you want to treat the negatives and depression in your life:)

    The only thing to be taken care of is to come out of and win over a depressing phase positively! Doesnt matter how you do that:)

    All that matters in life is to be happy and else all is fallacy:)

  4. Everyone loves it when folks get together and share opinions. Great website, continue the good work!


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