Friday, September 9, 2011

For - give or get: choice is yours!

One of the toughest things for us: humans is to forgive or forget somebody who has hurt us or gave us some sort of pain. Right? I mean we all love to read stories about people like Gandhiji who always responded with love to somebody’s hatred. But why is it that, when the same thing falls on us to be followed, we are unable to do it? Why is it so tough for us to follow the same principles…

Even i am no different. Or in fact i am worse! I just hate to forgive and forget those who had hurt me in some or the other way! Its one of the toughest thing for me to do! I am among those phychos who never forget their enemies and forgiving is something which doesnt exist in their dictionaries! But this is surely not something I am proud of.

But then gradually I realized one thing that not forgiving somebody and killing yourself by thinking about what happened is not a solution to the problem! It can do nothing to help you... Infact, it is better to let it go if you can’t forgive. And there is only one simple reason for that:

If you will not forgive or forget about the painful incident or the people who had hurt you, then you will surely keep mulling over it, whether you want it or not but it will always keep on playing at the back of your mind, then you will become angry or sad or depressed and because of all this, its you who will be in loss as it will negatively effect your health, your mental peace, your personal life and finally everything will go for a toss! And apparently, by making yourself suffer, you will make them (people who had hurt you) the winner unknowingly.

So, find out a way to show them that the obstacles created by them were just not enough to make you stop living your life happily! And the way to defeat them is to live a successful and happy life… Do it guys, and believe me they will be the one who will become restless and will start searching for the source of your happiness!

Believe in a fact that whatever a person does: good or bad comes back to him/her in one or the other form! As I always say, it all works in a cycle. So always think about the proverb “every dog has a day” and forgive them as they will get it back one fine day and you will surely get to see them in the same situation in which they made you fall in. So do not ruin your today by waiting for their tomorrow!

At last, even if keeping all the above in mind doesnt help you, then ask one question from yourself and believe me, you will surely surrender the negative thoughts: 'I can provoke a dog into barking whenever I want!!! If the world can provoke me into anger whenever they want, then what m I????"

Take a learning from each incident, chill, relax, smile and enjoy this amazing thing called Life...

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