Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you think Passion is all that you need for winning??

I was reading an article the other day. It spoke remarkably about passion and talent…

I am sure almost all of us would have come across such people who are very passionate about something but even then they don’t seem to do so well in that particular field. They are just unable to get much success in that domain despite of having an unquenchable passion for it. In fact in some cases passion even changes to obsession.

Today is the world of realty TV shows. Everyone is going gaga over them! I guess every channel has one or the other reality show going on at one point of time so each one of us would have surely come across them. They can be competitions of dancing, singing, cooking and even of being the SUPERSTUD (remember???I know strange!) Anyways, don’t you think each and every contestants in these shows seems to be equally passionate for their domain (except superstud! because they niether look passionate nor talented), they all have such an insatiable urge to win, to get success in their own field. It sometimes, actually can flabbergast the viewers. You just feel to get into the TV and hug them! People who do not have passion for the domain doesn’t even get a chance to take part in these competitions!

But then starts the process of elimination. People start getting purged every week; they do not succeed even after having the same passion as others who succeed! So, is it all about passion? What do you think? If it had been the case that just and just incredible passion is required for getting success then there should have been no competitions, no challenges and yes, no eliminations… Everyone would have been the winner.  Then what is it that decides a person’s fate in any field? Guess its talent. It plays a very vital role in achieving success in the field you have passion for!

Creating passion for something is very easy but becoming talented in it is something which is hard and is something which defines your success in that field.

I do not have to go far to search for another example to prove itJ. I can find one in me as well! I love dancing. Believe me, its something which I just cannot live without. It is the only medium for me to release all the negative and depressed thoughts from within me! It makes me happy, makes me overjoyed. It has a power to take me into the world of ecstasy. I can dance for 'n' no of hours at a single stretch. And even, I dance well on a disco floor (people say so :D).  Taking this passion of mine into consideration, I thought to take it to the next level and so, joined a dance school. And then I realized, it needs much more than just passion to become a real champion of any domain! I did pretty ok but surely not up to my expectations which I had before joining!

So, it requires a balanced amalgamation of both talent and passion to win. The day you discover your passion for something, start enhancing it from the very same day. It would require a lot of hard work to become talented in any field. So work on it and make yourself perfect in  thatJ and then yes, then nobody can stop you from winning.

Keep smilingJ

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