Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ambitions Vs. Happiness!

They used to say that I was a very ambitious person.  Somebody who was always behind something and just could not breathe till it was achieved! True! I WAS like that. Yes I was… not anymore!

In the initial phase of my career, I was one of those who used to work tremendously hard. I used to hate going home early as it was something equal to wasting time for me. I used to feel that the same time could be actually consumed productively if devoted to work. I used to work till late nights, used to take up assignments blindly without even thinking about the pressure, there were no weekends for me! Actually this word ‘Work Pressure’ never existed in my dictionary. People at work, who know me well and who doesn’t know me at all, used to define me as a very energetic, over enthusiastic person, somebody with crazy vigor… But in all this, I never realized that I was missing something so precious, something so valuable and that was my family!
The success and all, no doubt gave me an ample amount of confidence, happiness and pleasure but it never gave me satisfaction.  Never! The more success and appreciation I got, the more I became addicted to it, the more I became unsatisfied, the more I became restless, the more I became unfulfilled…   I simply used to become so fidgety on days when I used to not do something different, something unique! The definition of such days completely changed for me.  I started calling them ‘Bad Days’!  And my mood completely started depending on such days! Guess, I had become over ambitious!

On the other hand was the man of my life: my husband who was entirely opposite to me: calm, cool and always satisfied with life whatever happens! I had never ever seen him displeased or sad or angry due to anything at work. And believe me I had also not seen somebody so happy, so satisfied with life, somebody who never ever had any complaints from life. He was among those rare people who never ran behind materialistic things. He was among those few who believed in enjoying life, for whom work was important in the premises of only working hours. He, no doubt gave his 100% in those hours but once he was out of office meant he was just and just for himself and his family…
I am really so fortunate that I have somebody of these rare characteristics in my life but I am also little unfortunate as it took me so many years to learn these valuable things from him.

Yes, no doubt, I am changed now. I have created a balance between both the things in my life: my ambitions and my happiness.  I cannot leave my ambitions because they are ones which defines my entire individuality, which defines me as a person, which makes me stand out, which makes me what I am!

But yes, I have removed the word “over” from over ambitious. I know the limits now and adhere to them may what comes! Now I just don’t allow my office problems to sore my personal life! After office hours, I am just and just for my family! I still have the same ambitions as before but the way to reach them is changed now. I have learnt to achieve them by not keeping my happiness on stake and believe me, the feeling is so amazing! I am a much happier person now! Now, there are no more ‘bad days’ in my life. Life is filled with just and just good days.
This is one of the best changes which I have bought in my personality!

I have learnt to enjoy life in real terms now and I am just loving it…

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