Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a woman wants?

The other day, I read an amazing story somewhere.

It goes like this:
Once a king was imprisoned by the monarch of the neighboring state. The monarch would have killed the king but he was really moved by the king’s youth. So, the monarch decided not to kill him and instead, give him his freedom if he is worth it. And so, he decided to take a small test of the imprisoned king. The monarch asked the king to find the answer of a question and even gave him the time span of a year. If the king gets the success in providing a satisfactory answer of that particular question in one year, he would be able to win his and his kingdom’s freedom forever but if he fails then he will have to die!

The question which the monarch had put up in front of the king was “What does a woman really wants?”
The king accepted the bet and so, was released for a year. Then, he devoted his days and nights in finding the answer of this question. He met all the women of his kingdom, even from other neighboring kingdoms, he took opinions from all the wise men, all the nobles. Some said all woman wants is money, others said happiness, some said family, others said children, some said precious jewelry, others said expensive cloths, some said peace, and others said beauty! But none of these could appeal the king
He even declared a heavy prize amount for anyone who would bring a satisfactory answer but no one was able to provide it to the king.
The time went on and on but the king was not able to find the answer. Then, few people advised the king to take advice from a witch who was very famous for her wits. But the king was reluctant as he was aware of the fact that the witch would not give the answer easily. She would surely demand for something huge in favor of giving the answer. And so, the king decided not to go to her and instead kept on meeting people and finding an appropriate answer.

But he wasn’t able to do that till the last day arrived! The king was sure that it was all over as nobody actually knew what a woman wants.

So, then on the suggestion of his best friend and one of the nobles, he finally decided to go to the witch as he was worried about his kingdom.

So, he went to her. On listening to the question, the witch smiled and agreed to answer the question at a price! The king would have to get her married to his best friend. The king was shocked as he could never pay this price for his life! She was ugly, hunchbacked, fiery, and scary, had just one tooth, smelled like sewage, had a harsh sound! Infact, on seeing her for the first time, king had thought that she was the worst thing he had ever faced in his life.

So, he decided not to go with the proposal further and surrender to the monarch the next day. But then, his best friend after learning about the whole thing, told the king that he was ready for the witch’s clause as it could save his friend’s life and even their kingdom and so, he convinced the king for it.

The king got them married the very same time and asked the witch for the solution. The witch said, “A woman only wants one thing and that is: To be the in charge of her own life.”
The king was immediately impressed and was sure that the same would overwhelm the monarch too. And so does happened. The monarch released him and his kingdom instantaneously after listening to his answer.

At night, when the king’s Best friend went to his palace for the first night, he was terrified, was almost steeling his sights from the most horrified view. But after entering the room, what he saw completely astonished him. He saw a beautiful lady with such a grace that he had never seen! The beautiful lady said that since he had been so kind to the kingdom and even to her, she had decided that she would be in her horrible deformed self only half the time and would be a beautiful maiden in the other half. She asked him for his preference on whether he want her to be beautiful during the day or the night.
Her husband replied that it’s her choice. She can decide the same according to her comfortability.
On hearing this, she was so impressed that she announced that she would be beautiful all the time as he had respected her enough to let her be in charge of her own life.

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