Friday, September 9, 2011

The state our state is in!

Our country is going through a strange phase, a kind of peculiar turmoil! I mean from last one year, one or the other issue is getting emerged which leaves everyone in a state of shock and pain but there is very less, we can do about it…

It was truly so unfortunate to see a series of blasts happening in our country again and again! We all Indians have no option other than feeling sad and angry! And sadder is to hear the statements from our PM, home minister and other leaders post attacks and blasts!!! Guess, our government has got everything wrong, everything: from corruption to intelligence failures. Oh sorry, this time according to our honorable home minister Mr. P. Chidambaram “Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups was shared with Delhi Police in July, 2011” So, the Govt was aware of it since July and was waiting for it to happen and to share their condolences with the country again!

In the last one year, India has witnessed so many events that actually a complete history book can be published on that. There have been strikes, revolution, corruptions (uncountable), naxalism, terrorism, blasts! And yes, there are many other things which are happening in different parts of our country which we all have actually got used listening to. Daily I come across at least 3-4 cases of rape, harassment, crime, killing etc which is terribly sad!

This is all I get to read on news sites these days and yes, including some of very very silly news which our media loves to give hype to (Don’t know why, coz these news hardly matters to us: the readers)!! Like the other day I read a piece of news on times of India site about Gurgaon’s mayor’s losing his wallet! I mean is that news and that too, something to be published on the front page of a news site… Feel like telling them 'Guys, grow up!' And yes, Ms. Poonam pandey is never away from the homepages of almost all the news sites these days! Why does our media have to give leverage to such silly and dumb people who just want to be in news, somehow (even if that costs them to become nude)

Anyways, Wish there comes a time when everything becomes peaceful and almost perfect in our country where people start loving each other, religions start respecting each other, Govt start understanding people’s need and politicians start loving their country more than money, where a person of 74 yrs doesn’t have to fast for 13 days for the right demands.

Wish that day comes soon!!! I hope this all is not a call for Egypt kind of a revolution because I guess, now the patience of common people has come to a saturated point!

Fingers crossed and prayers to God for the well-being of our nation and everyone...

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