Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seasons: Metaphor for life?

Friday night it poured cats and dogs. I was sure that our weekend is going to be completely drenched which I, somehow dislike! This ‘dislike’ is not for the rain but yes, for the weather: when it doesn’t rain but there are heavy clouds passing a message that we can burst anytime! There is no brightness; you just get scared of stepping out as I am sure nobody likes to get soaked anytime and everytime! I feel this sort of weather is someway depressing (atleast for me)
Anyways, but then next morning when I woke up, to my surprise, the sun was smiling in the sky, it was bright, clear and brilliant. The weather was back to normal which filled me with ecstacy.

But I was amazed by this sudden transformation of the weather. I mean isn’t it really tough to predict the next morning’s weather until you are an employee in weather forecasting department, offcourse!

Anyways, don’t you think that these changes in the weather and in fact all the seasons represent different phases in life! Thats what I concluded when I started mulling over these weather changes and infact, now I feel that everyone (whether alive or not: humans, animals, plants, seasons, earth, universe) has to go through different phases in a similar pattern, has to follow the rules of the nature in a similar way! Everything works in a cycle for everyone in this world…J

Anyways, let me give you a small description of how each season represents different phases in our life. Now, even phases can be either Short term or long term.

Short time phases represent the highs and downs in our daily lives and long term phases means the different stages of our lives: Childhood, youth, adulthood and old age!

Lets go through each weather:

I am sure it would be the favorite season of everyone! In literal terms, spring is basically the transition season between winters and summers,  a transition between colors: from black and grey to green,  a transition between weathers from cold to mild, a transition between comfortability: from unbearable to bearable, a transition from long nights to long days. It is a weather when its neither too cold nor too hot

In terms of short term phases, spring represents those chapters when life is neutral: not bad and not good.  It is a transition between the worse and the best!  A person in spring had already seen the worst and waits for the boom! It is a season of celebration, festivity and gala! I believe it’s like a rebirth, a revival! This season brings a message of new beginning with it.
In terms of long term phases, it represents the childhood of a person when he/she learns the basics of life and is ready to enter the beautiful world. Here takes place the transition between a stage where you don’t know anything to a stage where you have to know everything

This is my favorite season. I love summers! I know many people simply hate the heat, humidity etc which are some of the offerings of this season. But still, I just love the brightness, the warmth, the sun, long days, summer vacations (which are no more thereL) and much more which this season brings with it!
In literal terms, this season represents heat! It is the result of spring season
In resemblance to short term phases, it represents the best phase, a boom in one’s life! A phase where everything is beautiful, nice and colorful! The color of this season is yellow which represents brightness, glow, colors, love, romance and luster.

In resemblance to long term phases, it represents the youth days in one’s life where everything is at its best, everything is colorful. There is romance in the air, there is vibrancy in life!

This season is very similar to spring season as it is also a transition season: transition from warm to cool, from long days to long nights, from yellow color to orange, from boom to recession, from brightness to darkness.
In terms of short term phases, it represents the phase when a person travels from the best times to relapse! It’s that path, the journey covered by a person from good to bad, from best to worse! A phase where a person prepares for the worse

In terms of long term phases, it represents the adulthood in one’s life where a person moves from youth to old age!

Ahhh… a season I simply hate! Winter completes the yearly cycle of the seasons and ushers in the coldest and darkest time of the year. The colors which represent this season are black and grey. When you think of winters, what comes in your mind is darkness, chilled winds, no sun and fog. It’s a season of depression and believe me guys, I feel so lucky sometimes that I reside in that part of the globe where there are no winters and this is a blessing to me! And this is one of the things which I appreciate about this shift of mine from North India where winters are unbearable!
In terms of short term phases, winters represent the worst and down phases in life: the phases of darkness and gloom.
And in long term phases, this season symbolizes the old age in one’s life. Its not that old age is full of darkness but yes, it surely represents the last stage in life after which you have to die and take birth again (atleast according to our mythologies)

So, its all about cycle. What goes comes back for sure.  So always have a hope in bad times that good times will returns and prepare yourself in the good times for the worst...

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