Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My new impulse and new temptation

My husband often says that I am too impulsive! Initially I used to completely disagree to this declaration of his. But gradually as I started understanding myself, even I started feeling the same:) But rather than taking it as my weakness, I have now made it my strength:). Now, whenever I feel a impulse of doing something, I just go ahead and do it and this has actually given a chance to me to learn, understand and possess new things and I am surely happy about it:) Few results of this impulse of mine are: My few blogs, an angel's tattoo, art of sketching and dancing, and a chocked closet <sob>. If I get caught with a thought of doing or learning something, believe me I start living in a suffocated environment till I finish that thing completely and win over my impulse and after then, I feel relaxed, satisfied and happy:) Later, the challenge which I face is to continue the same interest with these things going forward! But I am sure I will get over it one day:)

Anyways, I have dropped many new things in my bucket list recently:) 1. Having one more tattoo on my feet! 2. Learning to swim! 3. Continuing with my painting lessons 4. Learning classical dance 5. Learning Guitar

Now, the most important one for which I really want to write about! Its something I want to start blogging about. From last few days, I have been going through some Fashion Blogs and believe me, they all are awesome and amazing!!! They all are so tempting! I just loved each one of them. They all are so glamorous, sensational and alluring. Just and just love the way all these girls have been maintaining their fashion blogs! They all are fashion divas!!! Being a fashion junkie myself, I feel like blogging about my thoughts behind my closet:)

Its not that I want to do it because I want to display my closet to the world, but I want to do it for myself. I would love to give a shape to my fashion thoughts in form of words and pictures. I am not somebody who follows any particular kind of fashion (be it seasonal or following somebody), but I just believe that fashion is a balance between comfort, glamour and simplicity.

My fascination for fashion keeps mounting from time to time. I love experimenting with my looks, with my attire, with the combos, with shoes, jewellery and all. I just love it!! When I am in front of my wardrobe, I just forget the world:) Many people, who had a glance at my closet, think its a wastage of money:( But when somebody tells me this, I simply laugh internally and think, thats not wastage, that called possession, my passion and my love for materialistic things! We all are humans after all and thus, we all carry some sort of attachment to some kind of materialistic thing. Don't we? All of us do:) And so, I just feel no shame in confessing that I am a shopaholic and that too an untamed one, but yes, with a high amount of sensibility! I hate to waste money on buying something just for the heck of owning it!!! Its one of the most beautiful and out of the world feeling when you buy something and just cant wait to put it on and flaunt <blink blink> 
Anyways, I have no idea when I am going give this impulse of mine a shape of reality:) But I am happy that at least I have been able to pen down my thoughts on this passion of mine:) Thanks to all the Fashion Divas I have been following.

And yes, people who think that I am crazy, who criticize me for these thoughts and blah blah,  I ought to tell you that its my life, my thoughts and my opinion so you really do not have to waste your time in criticizing me because it really doesn't bother me much:) I am sure, you guys have much better things to do. There is a saying, "Improve your true self before criticizing others". Work on it:P

At last, keep smiling:) and I am keeping my fingers crossed for my new impulse:P


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  2. came across ur blog while browsing a friend's blog...interesting read....especially impressed by ur zeal/enthusiasm to learn new things...the things in ur bucket list seemed very similar to mine except i am kinda lazy and still thinking on it and u seem very spirited about the whole thing...very inspirational hence I am penning down this comment...Hope u don't mind and good luck!

    P.S.what happened to ur friend from ur other story...did she finally join the administrative services or stuck to journalism...

  3. Hey Riddhi, thanks:) I am so glad and happy to read your comment:) Even I am a bit lazy but then, I get myself on toes by reminding that life is too short to be lazy:)

    Thanks for reading my friend's story. Was just not getting time to write the story further. But your comment encouraged me again to complete the story. Will surely write the next phase today:)

  4. okay...not to sound intrusive or anything but not only am I reading your blogs but saw ur sketches too...loved them...but the real reason I am writing is that it inspired me to start sketching ( one of the things I have been wanting to do for a long time) thank you for being an inspiration to a 45 yr old :)...I hope u don't mind my going thru ur blogs...btw thanks for posting the continuation of ur story of "the small town girl"...

  5. Hey Riddhi, that was an amazing comment!! Thanks for the kind words, but to let you know you have inspired me write further! It will be my pleasure for you to go through my blogs:) And all the best for your sketching:) I am sure you will do terrific:) Keep me posted on the same:)


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