Wednesday, August 21, 2013


All that I want

Love is all I have,
You are all I want,
Holding your hands,
is all I crave for,
Your lap is all,
where I wanna rest,
Your eyes are all,
I wanna dive in,
Your words are all,
that I wanna hear,
You are all I want,
You are all I crave for,
You are all my heart yearn for...

Come away with me...

Come away with me,
and I will take you to the city of dreams...

Come away with me,
And I will give all that you need...

Come away with me,
And I will write you a lovely song...

Come away with me,
And I will give you all that you have been craving for...

Come away with me,
And I will sketch you a beautiful picture...

Come away with me,
And I will fill your life with colors...

Come away with me,
Holding my hand,
Somewhere far I will take you,
And I will never let you go...

Monday, August 19, 2013

And U.P continues to bleed...

Me and mom were having our general gossip session over phone, few days back. We were just generally talking about the social and political situation in U.P. BTW, don't get surprised, that's one of our favorite topics! We both love to talk about politics:)

Anyways, so she told me about the situation that U.P is currently in: its messy, its chaotic and completely sad. Its not that this is something new. U.P had been in this messy situation from years now. That's what I was feeling surprised as in why Mom is cribbing about it this time. I mean I have grown up there and have been seeing that place in this poor situation since then. And I also thought and realized that people had actually stopped expecting anything from any new CM, whether it is Mayawati or Mulayam or anybody else for that matter. It stopped mattering to them. They knew that the claims made before the elections would again prove to be a delusion. Infact, People just stopped feeling sad and disheartened at the false claims and at the worsening situation of U.P.

But then Mom explained me as to why they are feeling the pinch. This time, the case is different. People are really disappointed, yes they are feeling deceived, they are feeling that tweak of pain of getting fooled again, this time by a new young lad called Akhilesh Yadav.

And that's because they really had big hopes from this chap. They thought he is young, dynamic, energetic, he is aggressive, progressive in thinking, studied in Australia, talks senses in his speech. And this was the only reason why they gave chance to Mulayam Singh's party again.

Otherwise, everybody knows that Mayawati's rule is far better than Mulayam's. Atleast the crime rate is less and that's what people are concerned about. They really do not bother how much money who is making. Everybody does that in politics. All they want is a secured life. In Malayam's rule, crime just goes to peak and there is just nobody to control. U.P becomes more like a jungle in his rule and so, people prefer Mayawati over him.

Anyways, but this time they thought to give a chance to young blood. They thought this guy is going to do something good for their state. Everyone was enthusiastic and hopeful when he was sworn in the state's youngest CM. He appeared to be a complete and overall package to the people. Despite the fact that everybody had apprehensions because of his controversial father. But even then everyone was just tempted to give this bright eyed, passionate lad a shot at transforming all that was foul and fetid in U.P. People thought he would clean up the rot, he would give a new direction but alas, even he proved to be one of his forefathers. The noises that he made in the initial days, the promises all proved to be a fallacy... Again!!!  He just proved to be a mere puppet to his dad. Infact he was just a card that was played by Mulayam to win the elections.

Really much was expected from Akhilesh Yadav. He was even being talked of as the next big thing – a future Prime Minister . In our enthusiasm and desperation of a good and young leader, we forgot his roots, his biggest influence or rather idol – his father. And Akhilesh himself  made it more than evident that he is no different.

The way he blew up everything was mind blowing! Actually, people of U.P got aware of his misleading notions quite early but even the rest of India got to know the hypocrisy, incompetency of this lad by Durga Shakti Nagpal's case. His crude and rude or rather let me say foolish response and reaction to this case, exposed him and his arrogance to the world!

Durga was merely doing her job, and was doing it amazingly well. She is, I guess amongst those very few honest Govt officers who really carry this urge to do something, to change the system but then, how can politicians bear such a person. And she was made a target of an organized campaign. The problem is  Akhilesh had not calculated that the repercussions would be so drastic, that Durga would get nationwide support and that too in such a ferocious way from all sides: from media, common janta, IAS officers, everybody was there supporting her and asking for justice and demanding answers from U.P Govt

One of SP's netas (sorry, I feel embarrassed to use the word 'leader' here) had the audacity to suggest that U.P. can do without IAS officers. I mean just imagine the height of arrogance of netas in U.P!  All local netas are just drunk on their position and power. And guess what, the minister is still there "serving the nation"... Opppsss, sorry "serving his and his master's pockets"

This time, Akhilesh has really gone too far in testing the patience of people. His party, SP is surely going to face huge damage in long run.

Nonetheless, U.P.’s track record when it comes to transfer of officers is not great, its staggeringly bad. The reasons behind these transfers being the officers’ inflexible stand to refuse to play ball with politicians.

Anyways, I wonder what's wrong with our young blood: Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Varun Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia. Nobody has been able to prove themselves. They seems to be influencing, promising initially but as soon as they get into power, everything changes. They just become a mere chip to the old system.

Poor young India feels sad and depressed, or rather embarrassed, led down and disappointed by the incompetency of these so called young leaders. What amazing young leaders we have: Akhilesh: puppet of his dad and Rahul Gandhi: Puppet of his mom! So, basically all we have are daddy's and mommie's boys in politics. India is grown up, don't know when these lads will!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

And the mountains echoed: Khaled Hosseini

I finished reading "And the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini.

Let me begin by getting you acquainted with the fact that I am a huge-huge fan of this one author. He is simply remarkable. With his books, I just have no patience to wait and read it leisurely. I mean, be it Kite Runner, be it The thousand splendid suns or be it this latest one, I have finished them all in a span of just 2-3 days! Even I feel astonished and wonder from where do I manage to steal time for his books! I have no idea and genuinely, I have no idea! I just leave everything and surrender myself completely to his books. Man, they have that power, that amazing command over you. The story just engulfs you and something continuously keeps on poking you from inside to know the story ahead.

Anyways, back to the review of the book. It is good but only if you do not have the same expectations of Kite Runner from it.

I loved the way it started. It began with a bedtime tale being told to two children, Abdullah and Pari, by their father. The story is just beautiful and immediately gets resided in your heart. The story of Abdullah and Pari, who are brother and sister and just have a very special bond between them, is not at all captured effectively! Hosseini just got diverted and concentrated too much on other stories. Abdullah and Pari just didn't get the kind of attention they really deserved and thus, Hosseini deprived the reader of really feeling their pain, their love, their bond, their relationship. Which is a pity. Really! These two characters had the power, the potential which was just not at all explored and was, infact wasted

No doubt the writing is amazing, as usual. But somehow, this book doesn't have that same enchanting magic, that Hosseini 's previous 2 had. There is something, some link missing in this one.

Guess the problem is, it becomes too stretched in between somewhere and thats probably because Hosseini, this time experimented with putting in too many stories and that too, with an exhaustive description. He took his own time in describing each and every detail of the story of too many characters (almost the complete life). Too many tales have been woven and have been forced to put under one umbrella. And this is what created the whole mess. Attimes, you just feel lost. Infact, all the stories are so strong in themselves that they all have the capacity to be individual books, and that too very easily.

However, all the stories mentioned in this book are just amazing and superb. All of them carry a sort of unique essence and something special.  Though all the stories have something or the other, that is very depressing and very miserable, again which I did not appreciate much. Infact all of them carries an unbearable, intolerable sadness 

Needless to say that all the characters and stories had some or the other link with Afghanistan. And as done in his previous books as well, the story very well explains the complete era of wars, battles and exploitation that this country had gone through, the transformation and changes that its people have seen. But the good or rather surprising part is you read this in all the books of Hosseini, still you don't feel mundane, rather you feel a strong surge of pain within you for the people of Afghanistan, for the loss that they have incurred and that too, without any mistake of theirs.

Nonetheless, once you start this book, it's hard to put it down. Its definitely good for one read:) Go ahead, it will definitely not disappoint you:) Just do not carry the expectations of the same magic that Kite Runner had. And you will like it:)

Keep smiling...

Monday, August 12, 2013

We, women are indeed hard to understand

It is difficult to understand a woman - you must have surely heard men cribbing about this more often. Yes sir, we are hard to understand. The point is we women, ourselves are unable to understand our wiring system, the way our brains and hearts have been structured, why do we do certain things, why do we behave in certain pre defined ways, why are we so unpredictable. We are still on the verge of finding answers to these terrible questions about ourselves. How can you expect yourself to find out the answers?

“I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”
― Madonna

Is it that lately, I have started writing too much about women? May be, I have been dealing with a lot of them these days:) I just love and appreciate our energy, passion, multitasking abilities. We are, no doubt wonderful. But then, I believe there are few things where we really become too hard for people around us to understand.

Anyways, this one is completely based on my personal experience: the enormous amount of mistakes that I do while dealing with my friends and family. I lately found out how difficult I could be at times, for my friends and family to bear (yes, this is the word I 'have' to use: bear!). I give them tough time man! But there are few things a part of which, I noticed almost every woman carries. Its a part of us, its imbedded into us.

And BTW, I have also met some of the 'perfect' women, who just come without any sort of drama and complications! They are sensible, less emotional, no-drama and blah blah. Hats off you ladies. I wonder how you manage to do that. I mean its like reworking and rearranging your whole wiring system:) But being on the other side: the imperfect side doesn't make us bad at all. Haa!

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
― Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

In below lines, we/I: denotes me or few superb and amazing women I know:) You/your: denote the people around: family and friends

Anyways, let me begin this whole thing by an art that we, women master: Drama! We women just love this one word:) We would love you, we would do anything for you but you commit one single mistake (how so ever minute it is, we don't care), we will never let you forget it. We very well know how to create a gigantic scene out of that:) How so ever petty the issue is! Our drama is epic. And most of the times, it is pointless and baseless, yet it is  classic. We have created a niche in this segment and we completely dominate it

We have a very sharp memory as far as keeping the record of your mistakes are concerned. Infact I think we have a separate block in our mind to track and keep account of your blunders and slip-ups! We would never ever leave a chance of digging out the dust of your mistakes from the past and throwing them on your face whenever you try to mess up with us! For us, mistake done once is a mistake done forever. We will never forget it and will also never let you forget it. Oooouuuuccchhhhh.....

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
― Robert A. Heinlein

Moody! Yes, thats what we women are. Actually, its our mood that is to be blamed for how we behave. Let me take my example here:)... You might be the closest person to me, but if I am in a bad mood, I would not at all feel bad or think twice to give you a piece of my mind (that too without any mistake of yours)..I become irrational or rather, neurotic  so stay away in such times. But if my mood is good, I would love you like anything, I would become my adorable self. If I am in no mood of talking, I would ignore you very deliberately. So, our mood swings are just awesome and our family and friends have to live with them.<need a place to hide>

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

There are times when people around us are busy and have no time (genuinely -  that we don't understand) for anything or for anybody (but we will think it only an 'excuse' exclusively for us). We can never take this easily boy. First of all, we would think that they are deliberately ignoring us and making an excuse. *i know your eye brows are raised*. And we would cook such several insane stories (going to terrible extents) in our mind and create such dramatic plots in our heads that are just wretched and would give Ekta Kapoor or Ramsay brother (Horror show, remember) a shame or rather, competition. Then, we torture ourselves using those groundless stories and you: you are the one who has to suffer the pain and bear the consequences of those cooked up awful stories (Sorry!!!). Why are we so complicated God! haaa....

Our heart: now, apart from doing the normal daily chores like pumping blood and keeping us alive, it also carries the responsibility of taking over few roles of our brain. We think, imagine, envision and act through our heart. Come on, thats true! We act without using our brains. And this is where men take away all the points from us because we are just unbeatable  in thinking and acting without brains.

We, women are amazing, superb, awesome, wonderful, remarkable and everything but we can be terrible at times. But then, that is how we are wired! We can be cold and obnoxious; squabbling; wrangling, bickering, hard to handle, tough to understand, drama queens, a baggage full of complications, we could be loud and screaming but that just doesn't mean we care anything less.

I guess, all the above is actually a part of showing that we love and we care:)

So, never ever get into understanding a woman. Dude, that can be perilous because you will get stuck in a process of figuring us out.

Just enjoy being with us:)

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”
― Nora Ephron

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Timepass:the memoirs of Protima Bedi

Just finished reading Timepass:the memoirs of Protima Bedi. I am really confused on where to begin with! Anyways, I loved the name "Timepass". It implies that we all are here in this world to do timepass in our own ways.True!

So, this book is completely about Protima bedi: wife of Kabir Bedi and one of the most famous of modern Indian classical dancers (of the Odissi style). This book has really jolted me out of so many misconceptions about life, with such a forceful thrust!

Before reading this book, I had come across many things about Protima Bedi: the famous and the obvious being the one where she apparently ran nude on a beach in Mumbai!!! As per this book, she was at Anjuna beach in Goa with hippies and everybody was in the same condition and so was she! Somebody took her pics there and made up the Mumbai story. And what else, as usual, she was given the tag of being crazy!

Let me brief you about this lady's character first:
- A rebel
- Insurgent
- Audacious
- Untamable
- Passionate to do things her way
- Honest
- Intrepid
- Bold enough to challenge the conventional thoughts/ways of our society
- Someone who did not stop living her life her way because of anyone: her parents, her husband, her lovers and even, her children
- Clearly who was wild enough to get labeled as 'crazy' from this society

Little about her life:

- Had a disturbed childhood because her family was kind of 'dysfunctional'. But I guess, no one has a perfect childhood. Everyone faces one or the other issues in the childhood. Anyways, she was ignored as a child. The weird thing is she herself further created a 'dysfunctional' family.What an irony!
- Had been a victim of child abuse!
- Was a rebel from childhood itself and yes, no need to mention she became a pain for her parents
- Gave complete liberty to her sexuality once it sprouted
- Slept with countless men. Even had friends in benefit
- Turned to modeling. Off course, against her parents wishes
- Had a live-in with Kabir Bedi after running away from home, continued to sleep with other men
- Married Kabir bedi-> continued to sleep with other men-> he had an affair with Parveen Babi and others, with complete knowledge to Parotima-> They both kept on sleeping with others-> finally one day they got divorced-> she asked for almost no alimony
- Her children were to remain with her
- She continued sleeping with others
- She kept on searching for something to sothe her excitement, something to channelize her energy and something that could be meaningful and strong enough (a reason stronger than her own children!) to give a purpose to her living.
- This search ended, when she met her guru Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and fell in love with the Odissi style of classical Indian dancing
- Became one of the most acclaimed Indian Classical Odissi dancers within surprisingly  a very short time
- Raised a very unusual, diverse and exceptional dancing school, Nrityagram (with lot of difficulties) teaching multiple dancing disciplines and made it into a premier institution
- Paid no attention to the feelings of families when she slept with the man of the house
- And astonishingly,  along the way, doing all this, she raised 2 kids, a girl and a boy. Sadly, the boy Siddharth became schizophrenic as a youngster and committed suicide at the age of 26
- Took Sanyas (Off course, not exactly in the traditional way)
- Died in a landslide in the arms of the Himalayas while on a pilgrimage. The body was never recovered and Pooja Bedi mentioned in the book that her mother always wanted to die in the arms of the nature

My Take:

Let me begin with mentioning that I loved the book: not for its uniqueness or its probity or its boldness but just because of this lady who had so much audacity, courage to reveal such things/secrets about her to the world that others spend lifetime to hide and conceal.

Its beautiful, emotional, different, unique and yes, insane. This lady has lived many lifetimes in just one lifetime! Was fearless of everything. So bluntly, she has mentioned each and everything about her life in this book: her affairs (with the names: few famous ones!), her feelings, her fickle mindedness, her search for the perfect man, the 'n' no of times she had fallen in love.

I do not say that she was a perfect lady. I know this piece is not 'her' review, its her book's review. But her character is so strong that I really can't stop myself from mentioning few things about her!

She was no doubt amazing and a terrific woman, but then nobody is perfect and the same implies to her. She had her own share of wrongs. Like: She was extremely hurt when Kabir left her for Parveen, she even goes off to an extent of saying "Parveen was getting what she deserved" when in a family function of Kabir, Parveen was ignored. Why? because Parveen broke her home... But Protima forgot to imply the same thing on herself. For her, her men were her love or vice-verse and everything was fair in love (lets remove 'war' from here)

I was really aghast to know the way she had raised her children. They were sent to a boarding school at a very young age and she was busy in finding her 'purpose' in life and sleeping with other men.
Nothing wrong with that. I just felt bad for the 2 poor little souls. Yes, its been mentioned in the book as well: that she regreted a lot about it. A lot!

Apart from these little things, I think this lady was tremendous and full of energy. She was completely different from what people expect a lady to be. I believe now, every woman possesses a Protima inside her. The only difference is we, normal women are just too much scared of the norms laid by the society and Protima wasn't. She never had any qualms of doing things her own way. Passionate about whatever she did: Dance, building Nityagram from just a mere piece of land in the suburbs of Bangalore. Extremely honest. I salute her spirit and also, Pooja Bedi's who had been a part of her throughout this journey.

She once asked her mother, “Why are you always running away? You ran away from your mother and father, you ran away from your husband, then you ran away from us, your children, and now you’re running away to Nrityagram. Why?” And she happened to run away from Nrityagram too.

The most emotional part/ chapter of the book is "my flesh and blood", where the painful journey of her son Siddharth has been mentioned. Your heart just goes off for the mother who sees her son suffering but is just helpless. Hats off to her and to the way she supported her son in his journey of pain
Here is her son's suicide note! Obviously, I have no words, nothing to say. Its just something to feel...
Well, this is it.

Please don’t feel any ‘guilt’ at this. Its my way of taking control and opting out and, strange as it may seem, I’m going happy, not sad.

I did not get to explore the other side. If there is a rebirth, I hope I come back with the faculties to be a technical genius. The times that we live in are so exciting.

I’m sure there’ll be some anger on your sides…but I hope it passes soon.

Booie, keep smiling…huska huska huska…good luck with the baby.

Mum, I love you the most of all…big kisses on your fat cheeks…please don’t be angry.

Love to all.

There’s a check for $1,000 for death-related expenses.

I don’t want to be buried in India-bury me here, cremate me here or cremate me in India but don’t bury me in India. Something in my sensibility doesn’t want my body to be lying in India.


You should definitely read this one: It gives you a different prospective towards life and this is by far one of the best biographies I have read or heard about. Its honest: what else you need!


Kishore Kumar's amazing interview

Read this amazingly awesome interview of Kishore Kumar! What a treat to the senses. Read it... It will surely make you fall off your chair holding your stomach! Believe me... Its just superb... And the best is: the moment you think you can relax and nothing hilarious is gonna happen, it will be there in the next reply of KK and again you will be bound to fall off the chair:)

Its just mind blowing! Am I the only one, who is fan of such weird, peculiar people whom world has already given a tag of being crazy! I like such people:) They are just and just so gallant, so courageous that they do not even care a bit about society, about what people would think about them, what perception they would create of them. They are audacious enough to give a damn to this society. Its just an outstanding feeling when you see someone slapping directly on the face of this 'sane' world and actually proving them insane!

Go ahead, read it:) I am sure you will love it:)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Don't you feel like being a child again?

Feels awesome to be back to my space... How much I missed it!!! Got so much stuck with worldly stuff that I dint get any time to write or even think about something:( Crazy crazy world, I say!

Anyways, but today I made it a point to visit my little space and to say hi to it:) And here I am! Yayyyy...

Now when I am here, I am feeling  compelled to write something. Let me pen down about this weird and stupid issue that I am going through these days. It's not an issue exactly, it's something very normal... But my stupid brain just denies to accept this fact! It is frequently and repeatedly trying hard to convince me that this thing is an issue! Ahhhhhh.....!

Ok... no more playing with the words. The thing is recently a part of me: that is somewhere within, have started pestering me to grow up! May be its because few stupid best-ies of mine have been telling me that! Grrrrr....and this is the issue that my poor brain is dealing with these days.

It doesn't want me to grow (according to their definition!),  it doesn't want to be a part of this so called "sane", "matured" and blah blah world: you are free to fill in whatever adjectives you think are suitable... because mines are only the 'bad ones'. Anyways, yeah so my mind, my heart, my soul and I myself still want to be a part of that innocent, naive, childlike world: world that is filled with purity and innocence. World that has no, absolutely no space for cheating, dishonesty, deceiving.

What's wrong in keeping a part of your childhood alive within you: part that would always remind you of your innocence, part that would always keep that beautiful kid alive in you. I don't know why this world is so crazy for being a part of the 'grown up gang', Why??? You think they are sane??? Oh really... The truth is they are the ones that are insane, hypocrites.

They themselves are confused and are just unable to give a sensible definition to this word called "grown up". They always associate it with just acting, pretending and flaunting your maturity. Trying to talk sensible, trying to show you are intellectual. But, believe me it's all just an illusion that we all keep on building around to fool each other. Now, won't you call them hypocrites?

My definition of these heavy words like maturity and being grown up is little different from the conventional ones. For me, these means to take care of people around you, to give your 100% at whatever you do: your work,  studies, job, your home, relationships... anything...  Its means to be sensible whenever required and then obviously, there will be no need of pretending to be one, to support your loved ones, to be their strength. This is what actually being grown up means. There is nothing that is pretentious. It's also about being honest... Its far far beyond than everyone's mere worldly stupid 'convenient' definition.

I believe, a person can never kill that child within himself. All a person can do is to tie ir hard and dump him into one corner within himself to hide him from this world, where the innocence of that little child succumb to death due to suffocation. But the child always remains there within you: alive. You can't kill him dude! But alas, what a child is without innocence? It's like a well without water, clouds without rain, a mirage in the dessert, nothing else. Why do you have to conceal that innocent child from the world?? Because you are scared that people would make fun of you. This innocent child would cause embarrassment to you in front of all those insane people. Or, is it because you want to flaunt how sensible you are. But what an irony, everyone is playing the same game in front of each other, unknowingly off course! wowwww... So, why not to be what you are, why not be real, why not enjoy that childhood.

I have often heard people cribbing about their childhood, how much they miss it and how badly they want to go back... BTW, even I do that at times, I am no exception. But why do we do that? We really have an option of keeping that child alive forever. Keep both of them alive. Make a balance: be sensible, be matured and yet be a child. What a deadly combo!

Someone has very rightly said, "Growing old isn't an option, but growing up is"

Don't you at times feel like screaming hard the way you used to do as a child, without giving a damn to what people around would think? Don't you at times feel like running, jumping, singing, dancing, shouting, fighting over small things at times?? You do! Everyone does... Don't you at times feel that someone should treat you like a kid again, stroking your hair gently, keeping your head in their lap, singing for you till you sleep, taking care of you, patting your back for all the good things you do and yes, scolding you for the bad ones. Don't you? Come on, be honest to yourself...

You know if you are so much scared of revealing that little child within you to the world. Do this: Find a person (spouse, friend, sibling or whatever - even a neighbor would do) who can understand that child within you, who is ready to accept that innocence, who really doesn't bother about you doing all those stupid, brainless and insane childlike things, who feel happy when you chuckle, giggle and laugh carelessly, in front of whom you can just howl like a baby, who will hug you when you need support, who would encourage you to move forward, who would love you unconditionally. In simple words, a person who can and is ready to accept that child within you and in front of whom, you just won't feel any shame being a child again:)

Thank God I have one such person in my life: my husband...

But still, it doesn't mean I am gonna grow up! No dude.  I will be 18 till I die:)

Cheers! Keep smiling...