Saturday, August 10, 2013

Don't you feel like being a child again?

Feels awesome to be back to my space... How much I missed it!!! Got so much stuck with worldly stuff that I dint get any time to write or even think about something:( Crazy crazy world, I say!

Anyways, but today I made it a point to visit my little space and to say hi to it:) And here I am! Yayyyy...

Now when I am here, I am feeling  compelled to write something. Let me pen down about this weird and stupid issue that I am going through these days. It's not an issue exactly, it's something very normal... But my stupid brain just denies to accept this fact! It is frequently and repeatedly trying hard to convince me that this thing is an issue! Ahhhhhh.....!

Ok... no more playing with the words. The thing is recently a part of me: that is somewhere within, have started pestering me to grow up! May be its because few stupid best-ies of mine have been telling me that! Grrrrr....and this is the issue that my poor brain is dealing with these days.

It doesn't want me to grow (according to their definition!),  it doesn't want to be a part of this so called "sane", "matured" and blah blah world: you are free to fill in whatever adjectives you think are suitable... because mines are only the 'bad ones'. Anyways, yeah so my mind, my heart, my soul and I myself still want to be a part of that innocent, naive, childlike world: world that is filled with purity and innocence. World that has no, absolutely no space for cheating, dishonesty, deceiving.

What's wrong in keeping a part of your childhood alive within you: part that would always remind you of your innocence, part that would always keep that beautiful kid alive in you. I don't know why this world is so crazy for being a part of the 'grown up gang', Why??? You think they are sane??? Oh really... The truth is they are the ones that are insane, hypocrites.

They themselves are confused and are just unable to give a sensible definition to this word called "grown up". They always associate it with just acting, pretending and flaunting your maturity. Trying to talk sensible, trying to show you are intellectual. But, believe me it's all just an illusion that we all keep on building around to fool each other. Now, won't you call them hypocrites?

My definition of these heavy words like maturity and being grown up is little different from the conventional ones. For me, these means to take care of people around you, to give your 100% at whatever you do: your work,  studies, job, your home, relationships... anything...  Its means to be sensible whenever required and then obviously, there will be no need of pretending to be one, to support your loved ones, to be their strength. This is what actually being grown up means. There is nothing that is pretentious. It's also about being honest... Its far far beyond than everyone's mere worldly stupid 'convenient' definition.

I believe, a person can never kill that child within himself. All a person can do is to tie ir hard and dump him into one corner within himself to hide him from this world, where the innocence of that little child succumb to death due to suffocation. But the child always remains there within you: alive. You can't kill him dude! But alas, what a child is without innocence? It's like a well without water, clouds without rain, a mirage in the dessert, nothing else. Why do you have to conceal that innocent child from the world?? Because you are scared that people would make fun of you. This innocent child would cause embarrassment to you in front of all those insane people. Or, is it because you want to flaunt how sensible you are. But what an irony, everyone is playing the same game in front of each other, unknowingly off course! wowwww... So, why not to be what you are, why not be real, why not enjoy that childhood.

I have often heard people cribbing about their childhood, how much they miss it and how badly they want to go back... BTW, even I do that at times, I am no exception. But why do we do that? We really have an option of keeping that child alive forever. Keep both of them alive. Make a balance: be sensible, be matured and yet be a child. What a deadly combo!

Someone has very rightly said, "Growing old isn't an option, but growing up is"

Don't you at times feel like screaming hard the way you used to do as a child, without giving a damn to what people around would think? Don't you at times feel like running, jumping, singing, dancing, shouting, fighting over small things at times?? You do! Everyone does... Don't you at times feel that someone should treat you like a kid again, stroking your hair gently, keeping your head in their lap, singing for you till you sleep, taking care of you, patting your back for all the good things you do and yes, scolding you for the bad ones. Don't you? Come on, be honest to yourself...

You know if you are so much scared of revealing that little child within you to the world. Do this: Find a person (spouse, friend, sibling or whatever - even a neighbor would do) who can understand that child within you, who is ready to accept that innocence, who really doesn't bother about you doing all those stupid, brainless and insane childlike things, who feel happy when you chuckle, giggle and laugh carelessly, in front of whom you can just howl like a baby, who will hug you when you need support, who would encourage you to move forward, who would love you unconditionally. In simple words, a person who can and is ready to accept that child within you and in front of whom, you just won't feel any shame being a child again:)

Thank God I have one such person in my life: my husband...

But still, it doesn't mean I am gonna grow up! No dude.  I will be 18 till I die:)

Cheers! Keep smiling...

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