Sunday, August 18, 2013

And the mountains echoed: Khaled Hosseini

I finished reading "And the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini.

Let me begin by getting you acquainted with the fact that I am a huge-huge fan of this one author. He is simply remarkable. With his books, I just have no patience to wait and read it leisurely. I mean, be it Kite Runner, be it The thousand splendid suns or be it this latest one, I have finished them all in a span of just 2-3 days! Even I feel astonished and wonder from where do I manage to steal time for his books! I have no idea and genuinely, I have no idea! I just leave everything and surrender myself completely to his books. Man, they have that power, that amazing command over you. The story just engulfs you and something continuously keeps on poking you from inside to know the story ahead.

Anyways, back to the review of the book. It is good but only if you do not have the same expectations of Kite Runner from it.

I loved the way it started. It began with a bedtime tale being told to two children, Abdullah and Pari, by their father. The story is just beautiful and immediately gets resided in your heart. The story of Abdullah and Pari, who are brother and sister and just have a very special bond between them, is not at all captured effectively! Hosseini just got diverted and concentrated too much on other stories. Abdullah and Pari just didn't get the kind of attention they really deserved and thus, Hosseini deprived the reader of really feeling their pain, their love, their bond, their relationship. Which is a pity. Really! These two characters had the power, the potential which was just not at all explored and was, infact wasted

No doubt the writing is amazing, as usual. But somehow, this book doesn't have that same enchanting magic, that Hosseini 's previous 2 had. There is something, some link missing in this one.

Guess the problem is, it becomes too stretched in between somewhere and thats probably because Hosseini, this time experimented with putting in too many stories and that too, with an exhaustive description. He took his own time in describing each and every detail of the story of too many characters (almost the complete life). Too many tales have been woven and have been forced to put under one umbrella. And this is what created the whole mess. Attimes, you just feel lost. Infact, all the stories are so strong in themselves that they all have the capacity to be individual books, and that too very easily.

However, all the stories mentioned in this book are just amazing and superb. All of them carry a sort of unique essence and something special.  Though all the stories have something or the other, that is very depressing and very miserable, again which I did not appreciate much. Infact all of them carries an unbearable, intolerable sadness 

Needless to say that all the characters and stories had some or the other link with Afghanistan. And as done in his previous books as well, the story very well explains the complete era of wars, battles and exploitation that this country had gone through, the transformation and changes that its people have seen. But the good or rather surprising part is you read this in all the books of Hosseini, still you don't feel mundane, rather you feel a strong surge of pain within you for the people of Afghanistan, for the loss that they have incurred and that too, without any mistake of theirs.

Nonetheless, once you start this book, it's hard to put it down. Its definitely good for one read:) Go ahead, it will definitely not disappoint you:) Just do not carry the expectations of the same magic that Kite Runner had. And you will like it:)

Keep smiling...

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