Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kishore Kumar's amazing interview

Read this amazingly awesome interview of Kishore Kumar! What a treat to the senses. Read it... It will surely make you fall off your chair holding your stomach! Believe me... Its just superb... And the best is: the moment you think you can relax and nothing hilarious is gonna happen, it will be there in the next reply of KK and again you will be bound to fall off the chair:)

Its just mind blowing! Am I the only one, who is fan of such weird, peculiar people whom world has already given a tag of being crazy! I like such people:) They are just and just so gallant, so courageous that they do not even care a bit about society, about what people would think about them, what perception they would create of them. They are audacious enough to give a damn to this society. Its just an outstanding feeling when you see someone slapping directly on the face of this 'sane' world and actually proving them insane!

Go ahead, read it:) I am sure you will love it:)

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