Tuesday, October 15, 2013


'I love you', guess these three are most used words in any language, any day. Well, that's what I feel.

But do we realize how deep are these 3 words. What is the meaning of them? What does that mean when you say "I love you" to someone. I feel its a commitment for life. By saying I love to someone, you are indirectly saying that you would be there with that person forever and for always.

Well, I feel very strongly about these words and if I tell "I love you" to someone, I mean it.

I love to tell you 'I love you',
I love to do that again and again,
I love it more, when you say me too,
Yes, I love to tell you 'I love you',
Let me tell you what it means when I say it,
Well it means:
I accept you for the person you are,
I will stand by you even if you are far,
Even through the worst of times,
Even when you don't need me at times,
It means:
Loving you even when you are in an awful mood,
Or tired to do the things that I want you to do,
It means:
Be with you when you feel low,
Stand next to you when feel down,
Or too irritated to even look at me,
And not just when u r fun to be around,
It means:
Knowing all your secrets,
yes, even the ones that are deepest,
I don't judge you on them,
I pretend to understand everything,
It means:
I  care enough to fight for our love,
I care enough to struggle to save what we have,
I love you enough not to let you go,
I love you enough to stand by you in everything you do,
It means:
I would be okay even if you are with someone else,
I would be fine just by seeing you happy and smiling,
It means:
Being with you forever,
Being with you for always...

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  1. Love gives one wings so to speak.. Such a strong invincible force is love, and those that are fortunate to love and be loved can change the world they say.
    A great poem and well though out!


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