Sunday, October 13, 2013

Every little piece

This one is again for that one person I love more than anybody else in this world: my husband:)

Every little piece of me is in love with you,
Every inch of my soul adores you,
Every tiny bit of my heart worships you,
Every minute thing in me admires you,
I don't know why?
I really don't know why?
But I find you so irresistible,
What I feel for you is beyond madness,
That crazy look of yours,
Is just enough to drag me to your thoughts,
The wild sensation of your voice,
Is just enough to drive me to another world,
That untamed, raw energy of yours,
Oh, It just makes so hard for me to stop,
Your touch takes me to some other place,
That is filled with ecstasy and happiness,
You are the only one who can create,
A fanatical keen desire within my senses,
All I need is just you,
To be there with my soul,
'Coz let me tell this again,
That every little piece of me is in love with you

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  1. What a lovely dedication of love, he is a very luck man indeed.


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