Friday, October 4, 2013

Making sadness fly

Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.
--- Khalil Gibran

There are times when you just feel so low in life. You feel a weird emptiness inside you somewhere. But then we somehow learn to get out of them, naturally and guess, that's why they say life is the best teacher. It teaches you everything automatically and in a very subtle way.

At times, to get out of that depressing phase, that grief and sorrow, it takes a lot. I mean you really need to push yourself. But then at times, just very simple things can make you smile and forget your pains like an amazing combo of a cup of hot coffee and a book, a long drive with your fav song playing on full volume, being with your fav gang, having a nice haircut, wearing your fav dress and this list can really be never lasting.

Life is full of ups and downs but then its us, who should become skilled at managing our course in a particular situation and also to comprehend and realize the best means to achieve that. Its only us who can decipher the finest way to get out of the various twists and turns that life throws at us.

I have now started looking at them as something by which God make me to learn and value the good times:)

They say "Sometimes you must experience a low point in life in order to learn a lesson you wouldn't have learned any other way"

Keep smiling alwaz... In low times, just think this too shall pass and it will surpass

All I need is a cup of coffee
All I need is my fav book
All I need is a soothing breeze
All I need is my fav song
To make the sadness fly
Fly away on the wings of time


  1. u are wise beyond ur years...thanks Shivani!

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  3. :) Thanks Riddhi!:) That was indeed a compliment:)


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