Monday, January 27, 2014

The good old nostalgic days...

Give Me Some Sunshine,
Give Me Some Rain,
Give Me Another Chance,
I Wanna Grow Up Once Again...

I was having a chat with a friend of mine who was narrating stories of her 5 year old kid: the stuff that she does, the games that she loves to play, the way she responds to different situations etc

And this was more than enough for something to take me back to childhood. I guess it is the best phase in everyone's life.

I started thinking about various things that we, our generation used to do. Definitely we were not as smart and mature as this generation is but we had our own ways, our own stuff and our own things to enjoy and cherish. My brain started mulling over those old beautiful memories, my heart started playing with them, leaving me with nostalgia. It was like an audio cassette (remember one!) getting played in reverse.

I felt like begging someone to drag me away to that life once more, I was craving to get drowned into the ocean of memories, the beautiful memories.

I started yearning to live that life again... I felt a passionate hunger within me somewhere to go back to my childhood because this time, I would live it with much more zeal and enthusiasm, this time I would make sure to enjoy each and every moment of it because now, I know and appreciate the value of those good old days, I know the worth of that phase.

“Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”                                                                           ― Julian Barnes, England, England

I recollected some things, some stuff from my childhood, in fact most of them would have been a part of everyone's childhood.I miss them now! They certainly play a very major role in defining my childhood. Do you remember:

•    The beautiful cute ads. One being the cartoon ad of Ek chidiyaan, anek chidiyan, that gave us the learning of the power of unity and togetherness
•    Those amazing cartoons: Jungle book, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin. Now, they were a part of everyone's childhood
•    Waiting all week to see the next episode of your favorite show
•    Ramayana  and Mahabharata: How can anyone forget them man!
•    VCRs: They were a luxury, an amazing luxury
•    Those awesome stuff that we used to make out of paper: planes, boats, guns, birds, dolls... I doubt how many of them I remember now. I will certainly try few of them soon
•   Rains! How much I used to love rains because of 2 reasons: 1. Rainy day, that means holiday from school, 2. Simple, drenching in rain used to be fun, real fun! Now, rain seems to be so irritating to me because with it, comes high traffic, bad roads and nuisance. I never cared for all this before, while I was young!
•    Super fun games like "Name, place, animal and thing", "Tipi tipi top", "Cross circle", "Snake and ladder", "Monopoly"
•   Playing brick games on Video game sets
•   The smell of new books and notebooks.  The excitement of covering them with paper of your favorite color, to paste those fun 'name stickers' on top (even the place used to be matter of thinking: Top left side, exactly in middle of the notebook), with all the cartoons and designs on them
•    Can anyone forget Mario and its super cool music?
•    Making Bubbles of soapy liquid and spending hours in restroom doing that till mom used to shout about getting late to school
•    Shooting paper bullets from rubber bands
•    Sleeping in class!
•    Your first pet! They always have this special place in your heart and mind, and that remains there forever. It used to be so much relaxing to play and sit with your pet and talking to it for hours and really believing it to be listening, understanding and responding to you
•    Drawing scenery's with mountains, a hut, a tree, sun, few birds, some grass and a small stream of water! This is something that every kid had their hands on.
•    Building houses by joining all the chairs and tables and pillows and whatever you could afford to get and drag
•    The secret run-away's in the hot afternoons just to play out with friends, leaving mom sleeping
•    Keeping all the stationary so organized in the pencil box. How much I was in love with my orange pencil box. I am feeling a crave for it now.
•    First doll always have this special place in every girl's life
•    That amazing first bicycle: one of the most beautiful things from childhood
•    That awesome first watch that also used to happen to be the first expensive possession.
•    SUPW classes: creating stunning stuff with card boards and waste things
•    Those colorful sketch pens!
•    Best friend: You had many friends back then, but there used to be that one special best friend with whom you used to roam around in lunchtime, you use to share your box, you used to talk, laugh and do everything with
•    Waiting for school vacations when you used to get a chance to visit any of your relatives and be with your cousins
•    Keeping an empty cup over your mouth, inhaling in and leaving it there and feeling like a super hero
•    Sliding down the side of the stairs
•    Watching all those horrible, scary movies with your cousins!
•    Ghost stories that you used to love to listen to and share with your cousins and friends.
•    Games of Ringa Ringa Roses and 1-2-3 and you go free and you just look like a chim-pan.zee
•    Singing and dancing without caring for anyone
•    Flying kites was one of my favorite things in childhood
•    Waiting for festivals
•    New clothes used to bring such an excitement, such a happiness!
•    Fascination with mom's makeup kit and perfumes
•    Playing with your grandparents, the stories that they used to tell every night holds such a special place in your life. They are amongst those very rare things that always remain with us.

Now, lets grow up a bit:

•    That cute first  love...
•    Waiting for parents to go out so that, you could be free to talk over phone with your friends
•    Sharing of Archies cards and teddy's with your best friends
•    Those super such cute slam books
•    Crushes on teachers!
•    The amazing unforgettable School dress: ironing each and every crease of your shirt and skirt, polishing those black shoes
•    School picnics used to be super fun
•    Curiosity to know about the stuff that mom and aunties used to gossip about!
•    Waiting for your cousins to visit you
•    Those cute letters that you used to share with your cousins and friends with beautiful stickers
•    Tape recorders and cassettes: Saving all your pocket money to buy cassette of your fav singer/movie!
•    Getting your favorite songs recorded
•    Posters of your favorite pop sensations and movie stars
•    How can you forget those amazing refreshing playlists of Michael Jackson, Backstreet boys, MLTR, Boyzone, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Cher, Shania Twain, Spice girls, Savage Garden, Westlife, Geri Halliwell, George Michael, Shaggy and the list goes on and on

I miss that innocence, that carefree, stress free, tension free, untroubled, undemanding, peaceful, simple yet beautiful, cheerful, serene life! I miss all my stuff... all the things!!! Now, I know the meaning of what mom used to always say to cherish and make memories because those are the only things you are allowed to take away with you and everything else remains back here

I wish, that time I knew that I would never be getting those amazing days back, I wish, that time I was aware of the fact that I was living the best days of my life... Perhaps I would have enjoyed a little more... Perhaps, I would have lived a little more...

I wish to exit the world as I entered: Innocent!

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