Saturday, February 8, 2014

When you fall in love with a dreamer...

"Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world"

                                                                         ― Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist

Have you ever wondered how it is to fall in for a dreamer? A person who has his own world of dreams. Well, guess its tough.

It is easy to fall in love with them because you would get enticed with their charm, while they talk and get you into introduced to a different world in a different way, but later it becomes tough, rather painful to handle their whimsical and paranoid self.

Well... why? Let's embark on a voyage to a dreamer's heart and soul, that will also get you acquainted with the meaning of falling in love with them...

Well, to begin with let me tell you that you would never come to know whats going on in their head. One moment they would be happy, filled with ecstasy without any reason and another moment they would be sad, doomed under the heaps of distress, and that too, without any explanation. Asking and scrutinizing would do no help because they themselves would have no idea of the reason for their sudden excitement or for their unexpected distress.

Yes, they are moody! Now, its really hard to put up with someone's mood swings, that too frequent ones! No??

At one point, they would need you like anything. And next moment, you would become just another person in their life with almost no existence. Rather at times, they would not even feel a slight pinch in treating you like a stranger.

You would never be able to guess what are they up to, in what part of the mortal or immortal world their mind would be wondering or in simple terms, you would never be able to forage their brain for the latest thoughts! They might be thinking of a thing as simple as the latest movie they saw or about a person they recently met or they might be thinking about a thing as uncanny as the meaning of everyone's existence or the reason for people labeling death as a terrifying-horrifying incident!

One moment they would be emotional to the extent of crying over an incident that they witnessed in a book (reading = witnessing for them, because they imagine each and every detail while reading a book), another moment they would become a part of this sensible and realistic world.

One moment they would be calm and composed, another moment you would find them aggressive, fighting over something minute and petty

One moment, they would completely and totally be with you, but immediately, the next moment you would find them disconnected, detached and lost

You would find them self absorbed, engrossed and captivated in their own world most of the times. They would surely prefer the company of their books than people! Cruel they are... at times.

One moment they would need you to laugh with them, to smile, share and enjoy their silly jokes but another moment, all they would need is your shoulder to cry on. Do not ask the reason, just offer them one.

One moment you would find them sitting like a dumpster without a brain, listening to everyone around. Another moment you would find them throwing their ideas, their opinions about anything and everything like no one's business.

They would expect you to understand everything by yourself, about what they need at a particular moment. They would expect you to find out by yourself that they need a hug. They would want you to tell them how much you love them, without asking. They would be waiting for you to ask them for a date, they without even giving a hint to you.

Their thoughts love to ponder in the fields of their mind. Sometimes, they would be with the stars, talking to them, wondering somewhere in the universe in search of love stories between moon and sun and planets and earth and sky and rain and clouds and oceans and sea and God knows where all not! Sometimes, they would be sitting at their job, and wrapping up their work like any other normal being.

Sometimes, you would find them smiling and laughing by themselves and sometimes, they would be crying hard, sobbing to death,  lying in some corner. But they would never bother you with these strange, bizarre and eccentric behavior of theirs.

You would never know where they would be in the coming moment. In fact they themselves have no idea of what, when and where their wings would take them on a flight.

They are eccentric, peculiar, capricious! They are hard to be tamed! They are uncontrollable! They are unbridled! They don't care about anything, they don't plan anything, they take life as it comes. They don't like to think about future. They live in present because that's the real moment for them

So, do you think you have the guts and patience to handle such crazy creatures? Think twice before falling in love with them as the level of endurance required to handle them is uncommon and unimaginable. You would rather think about falling in love with someone sensible and pragmatic, as they would definitely not need so much attention in understanding them, in comprehending their every move. On the other hand, dreamers are hard to deal with...

Why? Well, because they are unpredictable. They are impulsive. They are naive. They are innocent. They are reckless. They are emotional. They are weird. They are unpretentious. They are narcissistic. They are undemanding. They are unorganized. They are grumpy. They are unstable. They are absurd. They are cranky. They are nice! Yes, they are nice... The only thing is guess, they are too scared to be a part of this cruel world. They are scared of the unpredictability and volatility of this world. Perhaps, they know somewhere that they are too supple to handle the unkind and nasty ways of the people living in it. And so, they just create a world of their own, the perfect world.

They live, breath in that own world of theirs. It is difficult to be a part of their world, for any sane and normal being. But if you can, well they would be more than happy to give you a place in that world, they would hold your arm and would walk you through all their dreams, all their hidden thoughts. They would get you acquainted with their true self, their vulnerable self, which they wouldn't have revealed to anyone. They would show you their filthy side naively, because they would trust you like an innocent child. They would give their whole self to you, for the rest of their lives. They would believe that you would never leave them, just by witnessing this side of theirs. And that's why you will take that special place in their life... their heart... and their soul... Because you would allow them to be them: the unpretentious weird wild crazy ones, without judging and labeling them as abnormal, like all others. They would create a world around you, a world in which they would start breathing, living and even dying at times. They would love you like no one else, exactly the way they say "truly, madly and deeply". May be, they would go to an extent of almost devoting themselves to you. I told you they are insane!

But if you can't be a part of their dreams, well, it would be difficult for them to come out of that world, it would be immensely painful for them. But once this weird breed called dreamers fall in love with someone, they do not bother about the pains! They would surely try to leave that beloved world of theirs for you, they would be ready to bear the excruciating pain. Even when they would be aware of the fact that they would be killing their own self, perhaps they would never be the same as before, perhaps they would have to slay their every dream, every beautiful dream that they weaved with so much patience and serenity . They would leave all that for you. Despite the fact that, they would never live happily thereafter. But for your happiness, they would never dare to return to the world of dreams.


  1. I can totally relate to this
    :-)..nice post

  2. Thanks Athira:)

    I am so glad you liked it:):):)

  3. Hi Shivani. i thoroughly enjoyed readying this piece of writing. I stumbled upon it while searching for dreamers. i initially thought it related to someone close to me but then i realised i could see parts myself in there too and perhaps bits of all of us. Dreamers are special people. I think they still believe that magical things can happen. well done. regards David


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