Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bald and beautiful Barbie!!!

Got to read an amazing article on “The guardian” website today! Believe me guys, it was really a treat to readJ

Every girl, when young has a dream of owning a Barbie… Believe me every girl without exception always at any point of time would have craved for a BarbieJ. Some would have been lucky to get it and for others, it always remained a dream!

And I was no different. Even I wanted to own one so badly but never got the privilege majorly because it was far too expensive for any middle class family to afford it at that time. I still remember, one of my cousins had couple of them! She used to live outside India and used to visit us only once a year and that was the only time, when I used to get the privilege of touching my dream doll! I used to love all her barbies! And used to be with them till the time she used to be at our place. But when she used to leave for her native place, even my barbies used to leave and I used to really miss them.

And when I got the capability of buying as much as barbies I want, I realized I was too old for having them! So, now whenever I meet any of niece or any baby girl, I make sure to gift a Barbie to themJ

Anyways, coming back to the article there is this campaign going on FB asking Toy maker to create a bald Barbie for those ladies who lose their hair due to physiotherapy treatment used for curing breast Cancer!

Barbie has always been a sign of beauty for every girl and every girl really wish to look like her dream barbie!  It is actually a gizmo to boost a girls' confidence.  So, now by creating a bald Barbie, they can pass a message that even after losing hair any woman/ girl can look beautiful and gorgeous! Wowww… I mean, I just loved the idea!

I had a far off relative, who suffered from this breast cancer last year and believe me, from what I heard about her, she was totally shattered by the side effects of the treatment and majorly because she was on the verge of becoming bald. She stopped meeting people and talking to anyone! Nobody can ever understand the value of hair in a woman’s life because the normal conception is that having long striking locks is a sign of beauty! I agree it is! But this conviction can cause a real harm to such women, to their confidence who are already going through the trauma of suffering from a horrible disease

Even one of my husband’s cousin had cancer when she was very young! And my husband tells me that she used to cry for hours when she used to see her hair falling all over the place. It seems she used to cry hard when she used to see the bald patches on her scalp! He told me that even she stopped going out and meeting people! Imagine the plight of such young girls!

So I believe that initiatives like these are really important to boost the confidence of women and girls suffering from Cancer! We all should stand next to these ideas and should give full support because after all we are all humans and its our responsibility to take care of each other!
Hats off to people who think about such ideas and even execute them!

Keep smiling alwaysJ

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