Saturday, January 14, 2012

India = China/ Pak????

Read an article today that Delhi high court has warned FB, Google, yahoo and another such 21 sites that they can be blocked if they fail to construct a method to check and eliminate any objectionable content on their web pages.!! And this was also being said that its going to be like China!

Can you believe it? So, this is a gift from our great Kapil Sibal! But may be he thought that people will not understand this move of his…  He did that just to increase his grade in the marksheet which Madam will prepare.  Sad… Really Sad!

I (or infact, every citizen) would wonder where our country is heading towards? Being open and developed like US or being conservative and regressed one like Pak and China (to an extent). How can they even think to dominate India and Indians in such a way? Peculiar…

Congress is slowly inviting a revolution now…!!!

God knows what gonna happen but believe me I am waiting for 2014 when this brainless, dominating, arrogant, conceited (the list of adjectives that can be used for them is endless) will be out of power!!!

Feel like saying Congress: Spare Us! (Pooja Misra: thanks for giving this “one” slang to the whole nation for showing their anger)

Anyways, Keep smiling alwaz whatever happensJ

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