Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pursuing your hobbies!

Drawing, Sketching, Painting - these have always been on my list of likes! Though for sure, they are not something which I am very passionate about but then, I have to confess that I really love doing all the above said things. And guess there is just one simple reason for the same - pursuing these gives me a very small yet hard to find thing and that is satisfaction! I feel so contented and satisfied when I see a piece of my thought drawn on a paper with so much hard work! Can’t tell you how amazing that feeling is! It works like magic. It just takes away all your stress, your worries, your pains! Believe me!

I had learnt painting when I was in STD. 10th. I made three paintings and really wanted to do the 4th one because I knew I would have grown better and better with each painting but then, as usual the burden of studies, career etc didn’t allow me to do that. And gradually I gave up this hobby of mine!

Then one day, a few weeks before, I was sitting and thinking! I have everything in life, all that I had desired for. I have a life which every girl aspires for. But then still there are so many tensions and stress which are I agree not even required, but then being a human I can’t get them removed from my mind!

We humans tend to find these even in our perfect lives! It seems as if these terms go within us with the first breath we take on earth and it just goes and gets accumulated like rust inside our mind! And as it is so difficult to remove rust from a piece of iron, it is just impossible to remove these things from our head! If left unattended, it keeps on growing and gradually becomes the cause of much bigger worries, pains, and problems!

So, when we know all this, why don’t we try to get rid of stress? Not that it’s so easy. You just can’t think, say and get rid of it. If it would have been so easy, everybody would have been roaming around happily but it is so difficult to find happy faces these days, all we see around us are the gloomy worried faces!

All the children have tensions of the studies, about how to come first in class as they have pleasure from their parents to save their self esteem! As we grow up, the tensions also grow in form of tension for building up a good career; find a suitable stream to carry forward the studies!

When all this done, we start worrying about the job, good package and money. Now when we achieve this as well, we are pushed to the well of worries from where it becomes impossible for a normal being to come out! At job, the race for going at the top level starts. Politics at office never lets us sleep! On the other hand, our demands, our aspirations also grow. We want a big car, an independent house, a high end mobile phone, laptop, and all the new gadgets that keep on getting innovated! Obviously all that is required to keep our status high in society!

While achieving all this, we also have the pressure of getting settled in life, getting married! That is a war in itself and getting married to a good person, to the kind of person you always wanted to spend your life is I guess the biggest achievement in a person’s life.

 When even that is done, another pressure of bearing children starts! Then you need to have children (society doesn’t like having a ‘child’). When you have them also, the biggest tension/stress in life starts: to give your child the BEST, best of all!

Ahhhhhh isn’t the above list big already? Though I have missed out so many things! While taking care of all the above we just forget our dreams, hobbies, things we love doing!  

Anyways, even my life is no different! So, I decided that while pursuing all the above, I will also somehow try to reduce the stress, tensions which the above said pleasures give. I mulled over my brains to think about that one thing which can help me in doing so and then I got it! I decided to revive my hobbies! I decided to learn everything I wanted to learn in my life ever!

So, sketching is the first thing I took up from my long, never ending list! Because when I think about the things I used to love doing in my childhood, drawing and sketching comes at the top. So, why not to start with them, what’s wrong in living up my childhood again!

And yes, saying so I can never forget to thank my mom in law first and then my husband who really helped me in taking up my hobbies again!

The day I told my mom in law, she herself bought me pencils, sketch book, eraser, sharpener and all the paraphernalia required for Drawing! I love her. May be the reason is she herself always loved doing all this, but had to leave her hobbies in the pursuit of taking care of her family like most of the women in our country!

Whenever I draw something, good or bad, she is the first one to appreciate. I just cannot explain the happiness and delight in her eyes when she sees my drawings! I feel like a child. I draw something and my mom appreciates, encourages me to do more, much better! And as she knows that I just get sats and suns to draw the sketches, she doesn’t let me do anything, any household work on these days so that I can draw without any hindrance! Love her for this. Wish I could ever tell her that she is definitely the best mom I could have aspired for!

Last but not the least, would really want to mention that this is also possible because of my husband, who supported me in whatever I wanted to do! Love you alwaysJ

Would also like to mention one thing here that taking up this new assignment has definitely helped me in diverting my mind from day to day tensions, stress! I feel much happier, relieved and contended these days!

So, find out a thing you always wanted to do and go and start doing them without a single thought! You will start loving your life… And yes, its never late to start doing what you always loved doing!

Will keep on publishing my sketches here on my blog from time to time

Keep smiling alwaysJ

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