Monday, April 16, 2012

Visit to Home:)

Ok so today I got time to finally write something!

There is so so much. I have no idea from where to start. But one thing I really want to pen down about is my home trip. For any girl, specially married ones, its always a pleasure to get a chance to be at her home and I am no different. Even I was super excited to be at home with my family! I went there after one and a half years and this gap of years made the trip more exciting and exhilarating.  Though the trip was just for 3 days but those 3 days were enough for me to capture sufficient memories for another one yr till I again get a chance to visit my hometown.

Also, I have n number of reasons for being so keyed up about visiting Saharanpur. Though it’s a very small town in UP, but it has certain things which will make you fall in for it! Probably many of you wouldn’t even have heard the name of it. I will not say that it’s a very beautiful place, its just like any other small town in India. But then it is very special to me! So much special that for me it is the most beautiful place on earth and surely, if given a chance I can spend my whole life there! First talking about things that make Saharanpur exciting for me, first is undoubtedly my home and my family. Home that reminds me of my childhood, of the naughty days, of the tension-free days! My family: Obviously it is almost difficult to explain why I look forward to meet them! Mom-dad for obvious reasons. Nobody on this planet can make you feel so loved, so blessed as can your parents. Nobody, apart from your parents can make you feel like an innocent child again, despite of whatever age you are of! Then comes my sisters and brother, who make me feel so special! They almost pour the rain of love on me which is again different and unique. You can never and never feel that love in anybody else! I always look forward to do some naughty things with them which we used to do when we were together.

Second thing in Saharanpur which I miss outside is the famous Court Road! It’s the main and guess, the largest road in Sre! And I just and just used to, infact still love to roam around this road via 2-wheeler! Its one of those things which I love to do!

Third is the chaat vendor who sits by the side of the same road! I can’t explain in words the delicacy of his chat and the pleasure it provides to the taste buds! Its incomparable, its heaven… Truly heaven! In front of his stall, I just forget all the synonyms of Hygiene

Apart from all this, Saharanpur as a place is very special to me and will always remain so! Where ever on this earth I am, I can never forget it and would always look forward to visit Saharanpur.  

Love you SreJ

Keep smiling always

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