Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 tacit traffic rules!

We all love to call ourselves perfect citizens of this nation. Think about it! Are we really perfect? Do we really put in any efforts to be perfect citizens? Are we all mature enough to take this responsibility of calling ourselves perfect citizens??? Guess No!

Anyways, I believe the first step towards being the perfect citizen is to be considerate towards other citizens! So, today I really want to write about something where we tend to lose our tolenrence for each other completely! And that thing is Driving! Why is it so that while driving, alomost all of us become aggressive, we all just refuse to treat each other amicably? Why it so that while controlling a machine, we stop controlling our minds? Why do we allow our mind to reject every idea of driving peacefully and become considerate towards other drivers, vehicles people on roads!
Anyways, I just want put down 10 unsaid and tacit traffic rules which we all should follow. Not following them will definitely not cause you any chalaan but following them will definately make driving easy and pleasent for you and for others on road:

1. Think twice before chucking out something out of the window of your car!!! Your car will definitely have a small space to put a small packet of garbage that can be thrown to a place where it belongs to! Plz understand roads are not the place for garbage!

2. Plz follow traffic signals! And then you earn the right to crib about others driving rough and harsh…

3. Stop honking on roads just for the heck of it! I hate those who just love to honk without even knowing for what and to whom they are honking! These fools even honk on empty roads!!! They think its cool, but actually they look idiots

4. Stop racing on roads. This is one thing which is so common on roads these days! It is no less than road rage! God, I have seen people racing with each other, without bothering about anybody else on the road and you know what the strangest part is, they don’t even know each other!!! It just starts randomly, when one person unknowingly over takes the other one and this other person, whose ego gets hurt  starts the race!!! Plz grow up people!

5. Plz plz show little empathy towards old people driving on roads! Plz

6. Stop abusing while driving! I almost daily witness fools who just love to abuse anybody and everybody on road! And there are bigger fools who do that with closed windows!!! I mean, what’s the obsession with abusing people and that too without reason? If someone is ahead of you, is not his/her fault, you really don’t have to abuse them!!!

7. Plz show little compassion with people who have “L” sign on their vehicles! You really do not need to mock them, ridicule them or make fun of them just because they have “L” sign. I don’t understand what’s the big deal in having a “L” sign! They have put this label to notify you! And when they themselves are declaring that they are in learning phase then imagine, how big a fool is somebody who makes fun of it!

8. Stop honking in static traffic! What can be more annoying than when you are stuck in a steady traffic and on top of it somebody keeps on honking at the back of your vehicle! Don’t you feel like getting down and smashing that person’s vehicle’s horn???

9. Plz give way to ambulance! I don’t need to explain this. This should be a common sense in all of us to understand that nothing on this damn planet is important than a person’s life, nothing!!! So, plz plz give way to an ambulance even if you are in super rush of something! One single min can save a person’s life

10. Last but not the least, plz get rid of this stupid prejudice that all the women are bad drivers! I hate this one generalized notion of men! They all have this conception that all women on the face of this planet are bad drivers!!! Dude, it shows your jealousy! Acc to a study by NBC, Some 80 percent of all fatal and serious car crashes are caused by male drivers. It also says women are 27 percent less likely than men to cause auto accidents. Plz refer the link: Anyways its not about which sex drives better. It completely depends on individual to individual!

So what do you think about the above mentioned points? Are they reasonable or not? All of us would definately have one or two points from the above mentioned list to change! Honestly, even I do have! So, lets bring the change within ourseves and make driving a pleasurable experience for us as well as others!
Keep smiling and stay blessed always:)

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