Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why to bother about society?

Sometimes, I wonder what is the definition of right and wrong in our society? Where does that thin line lies between appropriate and in appropriate acc to our society? I mean what so ever you do, this society which we live in will always judge you and criticize you! Even if they appreciate you on your face, they are definitely going to mock you at your back! This happens specially with women… Strange but that’s the reality of the society we breathe in! And we can't help it because we belong to a very closely knitted society!

I have faced this many times: at school, at work everywhere! People are ready to judge you, to condemn you. At times, you feel like they are just in gaze of attacking you with criticism like a vulture and even if you don’t give them reasons, they have amazing abilities to find them! They can judge you (without your permission, mind it!) on the basis of your looks, your dressing sense, your way of walking, your way of talking, the kind of friends you have etc etc!!!

Later on, I understood how to handle all this crap! Just ignore them! Believe me, just do not bother yourself by mulling over who said what about youJ We stay in a society which loves to gossip then why to bother about it when we can’t change itJ They can and have to criticize you on everything. Believe me, whatever you do, it will never be right according to our society norms.

If you’re fat, they will say you look awful; If you’re thin and lean, they will say you look as horrible as a stick… If you dare to speak your mind, you can be labeled as a bitch; if you don’t say anything, you are rude… If you talk sweetly to people, you are fake and double faced; if you talk unpleasantly, then you have attitude… If you cry, man you will be branded as a drama queen; if you don’t show your emotions, they will call you heartless… If you have male friends, they will set up a link with all of them and will declare you as a whore; if you have female friends, they will call you player… If you go out partying, you are a slut; if you don’t go out to parties and get together’s, you are an anti- social person… If you dress up nicely and smartly, they will never ever like it or approve it and will surely call you shameless and impertinent; If you’re not dressed up nicely, they will criticize you saying you don’t have the sense of dressing… If you talk to strangers, you are impudent; if you don’t talk to them, you are arrogant!!!

Isn’t all the above true??? When a society will never ever approve your ways, then why to bother about them? Just be yourself, do whatever you like, whatever you want! They are there to criticize, let them do their jobsJ They cannot survive, if they will not do this job of theirs!! So, plz let them live and be happyJ Let lose and don't care what this world thinks, they always have something to say!!!

And yes, be proud of yourself and that’s the most important thingJ

Keep Smiling and Stay blessed...

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