Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All I seek for...

In the middle of this  insanity,
All I am seeking for is peace,
I don't desire for any luxury,
I do not yearn for any affluence,
All I crave for is serenity...
I don't have any longing for the huge cars,
I don't wish for owning any sort of mansions,
All I beg for is tranquility...
I have no hunger left to achieve any  ambition,
I don't aspire anymore to reach my destination,
All I want is to have a fruitful journey...
I don't wish to be a part of the chase,
I don't want to run across in search of my aim,
All I yearn for is just little time to spend with myself...
In the middle of all this scuttle,
All I am in quest of is silence,
Silence that can take me to the world of solace...

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