Sunday, September 8, 2013

I go round and round

Juggling my dreams in the sky,
Spinning my happiness around,
Lifting my feet above the ground,
I go round and round till my breath last..
Playing hide and seek with the clouds,
Talking incessantly with the glittering stars,
Sharing all I have with the shining moon,
I fly high and high till my wings are all worn out...
Fluttering along with those b'ful butterflies,
Laughing my heart out with those flowers,
Gossiping with those chirping birds,
I smile and smile till everything gets brighten up...
These are my friends,
They are ones for whom I care,
They are the ones who make me smile,
They are the ones who really care for what I love,
They are the ones who can take me to miles...

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