Friday, September 13, 2013

I sin to find peace

Steeped in despair,
Swathed in anxiety,
Draped in anguish,
I sin to find peace somewhere...
Mired in morbidity,
Adorned in dejection,
Wrapped in sadness,
I sin to find peace at some place...
I sin...
To clear these clouds of grief,
To take me to the river of bliss,
I sin...
To snatch away all my squeamishness,
To fill my soul with boldness,
I sin...
To whip away all my weaknesses irreversibly,
To make my inner self audacious irrevocably,
I sin...
I do sin to find peace somewhere...
That will make me strong and sturdy,
To stand against this world,
And to face them boldly...

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