Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ganesh Immersion: Dont make it a pain for God!!

I was astonished to see the way people go crazy on Ganesh Chaturthi! Well before going further, let me clarify that I am somebody who has enormous belief in Lord Ganesha!

Coming back to the point, we have a very small lake here in Hyderabad. Every year, on Ganesh Charuthi thousands of clay made Ganesh statues are dumped in it which spoils and destroys the water in the lake. People do not understand that the statues made up of plaster of paris and clay do not get dissolved in the water which leads to the degradation of water quality. Even the siltation gets added up because of the toxic plastic and fluorescent paints which are used in the making of the idols.

Secondly, on the day of Ganesh immersion and even the next day to it, the whole road (which is one of the main roads) is blocked causing immense trouble to people and paralyzing the whole city! I mean, forget about travelling on the same day of immersion, but even next day it can take you hours just to cover a distance of 15 kms! I mean one should be considerate towards others as well! And moreover, think about people from other religions. What would they be thinking about us? About our religion? Why should we give trouble to others who doesn’t even follow our ideals?

Lets have a look at this from other angle as well, how can people immerse their God in water which is dirty, which is so much polluted that it stinks like a sewage. In fact, everyone is aware of the fact that in spite of the commission of a sewage treatment, a large amount of untreated sewage, discharge, trash, garbage and industrial effluents flow into the lake which has contaminated the water completely. Would these people dare to dip their hand in this water? No, I don’t think so! Then, how can they put their God in such water. On one hand, we don’t carry slippers in temples; we insist on washing hands and feet before entering a temple because they are considered to be dirty then how come we dump our God in such unclean, polluted, stinking, smudged water which is actually a dump of sewage and industrial effluents?? Are we not being hypocrites?

Rather, if people have so much faith in God, and really want to do something for him, why don’t people make statues from sand or soil at home and then, immerse them into water filled in a new clean tub at home only! Leave it for sometime, till the statue gets dissolved in the water completely and then, dump that water in a plant: may be in the plant of Tulsi which is considered to be sacred in Hinduism? Imagine, this will solve all the problems and will surely make our God happy too. He will get place in clean water and then, will come back happily next year....

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