Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prove your faith in God!

I have always shared a peculiar relationship with God. I mean I do not visit temples much, I do not fast, I do not light a lamp every morning at home, I don’t chant bhajans sitting in front of God, I do not offer him food before I eat, I don’t offer money to temples, I don’t do any of the defined things which can prove my faith in God. But is doing these defined things the only way which can identify my faith in God and label me as a believer in him. Despite of not doing any of these things, I can say very strongly that I do believe in him. I don’t do any of the defined things but I do things which I feel God would be happy to see me doing! And that is my way of showing love and faith in my diety!

I think rather than visiting temples, people should visit orphanages and just have a word with the orphans who will be immensely happy to see people caring about them!  Rather than fasting, just thank God once everyday to give you the food of the day! Rather than lighting a lamp every morning, just think about him once every morning when you open your eyes! Rather than sitting and chanting bhajans in front of him for hours, just talk to him sincerely for 5 mins daily! Rather than offering food to God statues (which definitely goes waste afterwards), just give it to some person who would be hungry or atleast give to some street animals! Rather than giving money in temples, give it in some orphanage or in some old age home! It will help somebody needing it!

This is all I think can define your faith in your God! He will definitely be happy to see you doing these things and will agree to your faith in him. Doing worldly defined things will only prove your faith in God in front of people. And only losers tend to prove something in front of other people!
I also believe that he would be sitting somewhere on the seventh sky and noticing everybody! I mean some power has to be there to run this wide and huge world! It just can’t go on by itself. Somebody has to be there who manages this complex thing of life and death. And if somebody wouldn’t have been there then I am sure Man would have been able to solve this mystery of life and death.
Anyways, coming back to God, want to mention here that I am a follower of Lord Ganesh. And this faith of mine in him is not recent; its been there since childhood: since I could remember I understood the meaning of God. He has a sort of energy, some sort of power. Whenever I see any of his statues, I feel like his eyes are speaking, his eyes are talking to me! This is the power this deity has! Just thinking about him makes me overwhelm. He has that effect on his devotees. Whenever I feel like asking something from him, I become wordless! I just keep on staring him and staring him and staring him. He never gave me a chance to put my wishes in words! Instead, whenever I think about him, I get a assurance in my heart that he knows all that I want and he will give me all that at the right time! This is what he is. The power, the command this God owns should be experienced, should be felt. I just get carried away whenever I think about him!

Even after my immense faith in him, I am not in favor of immersing his idol in water. And the reason, you would have known from my last post!

Anyways, trust him, have faith in him! And never ever worry about anything as he is there for and with everyone: people who believe him and even with people who don’tJ

Keep smilingJ

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