Friday, January 13, 2012

Happiness of seeing your words published in a magazine!!!

I am so very happy today! Reason being that 2 of my articles have been published in my company’s internal magazine! And that made me so so gladJ

I don’t know if it is really that big as much as I am thinking but certainly it is a big deal for me! It is so much pleasurable to see your words, your name been published on the hard pages of a magazine! The feeling is out of the world. Believe me…
In the morning, I entered the office with a normal mood and was in a meeting when I got a call from one of my colleague.  He said congrats your articles have been published in Magazine! I couldn’t believe my ears. I just dint knew how to react… I just told him thanks…  And came out of the meeting immediately excusing myself because I got filled with so much energy and anxiety that it became impossible for me to sit there!

After coming out, the first call I made was to my husband and told him about the articled… Even he was so happy to hear it…
Then I went to my team and told them… I loved their response! They were like congrats and good work and all… I just dint knew how to react because I felt like I have done something great… What a feeling…

I started craving for seeing those articles in the magazine! I called up my HR and asked him about the magazine because the same had not been distributed till then. He said that he had already sent to admin! I went to admin’s desk just to find nobody there… I searched for the magazine on their table, under the table and elsewhere and then I found one magazine! I was so happy and bought it to my desk… I just started flipping the pages without thinking, checking or seeing anything else… But I couldn’t found my articles. I was disappointed and even sad… I thought that my colleague had played a prank on me and felt really bad! but then how come he knew the names of the articles which I submitted was the question that immediately aroused in my mind and it again made me smile, happy and hopeful. I saw the cover of the magazine and that was a 6 months old edition! I smiled and scolded myself a little for being so anxious that it made me stupid!
I called up the admin guy and asked about the magazine. He said he had not received till now! Cant tell you how annoyed I was… But I was in no mood to shout and spoil mine and others mood! I decided to wait! I am already a highly impatient person and this wait made me more fanatical… I couldn’t sit at one place and was just and just waiting for the magazine… I asked the admin dept several times, called up HR numerous times!

Then finally after a wait of around 5 hours, magazine arrived at 4 pm, I just saw some cartons in the hand of an office boy and I understood that they are the ones which contain the medicine of my anxiety! I ran and grabbed one box and bought it to my table… Opened it in a hurry and took out a magazine! And started flipping the same till I got my articles! What a happiness, what an ecstasy…  something that cannot be explained in words! The best thing was to see my name underneath: Shivani Singh, Hyderabad! Then I took out all the magazines and gave to all my team members and asked them to readJ
All of them loved the articles and I felt as if I was on the top of the world…One of my friend even asked me to sign at the articles. I felt little embarrassed as they were really making me feel so special! And I start feeling very uncomfortable when someone treats me special! But thanks to all of them! They really made me feel so awesome that day and they tripled my happiness! Love them all!

I got msgs, mails from so many people telling that the articles are awesome and they loved themJ
But the best call amongst all was from my COO. He told me that the articles are very nice and he really liked them! I felt so great and this one incident made my dayJJJ

Feels great and awesome… as if I am flying with the help of some invisible wings…

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