Friday, September 28, 2012

Whats this obsession with looks?

At times I see people commenting or making fun of a person’s looks and outer appearance! I feel strange! I mean isn’t that so ridiculous? I just feel weird about it… and there is a reason to it…
I agree we (all the people) come from different backgrounds, our upbringings are different, our nature, our personalities are also different but then there is one thing that is so common in all of us, and it is beyond our social status, our outer looks etc… and thats the thing with which we all (without exception) are made of: the bones, the blood and the flesh! Even the color of these things within all of us is same! And they all work on the same modus operandi for all of us. So when our internal systems are same, why do we so much bother about the external ones?
When the color of our bones, blood and flesh is same then why are we so much obsessed about the change in the color of skin that covers them all??? Its all same inside, then why the outside things matter so much? Can’t this be labeled as hypocrisy! Well, I believe we all are hypocrites in one or the other way, at one or the other point of time. But this is one thing which I abhor the most. Judging a person on the basis of his/ her looks is actually not done!

I have even witnessed few cases where a person's complete personality has been judged solely on the basis of his/her outer appearence!! That’s so so annoying… Plz people, stop doing that!!! There are many other important things in a person than just the looks! If you really want to judge a person, then first go and dare to know the inner side of that person and then, judge him/her. BTW, even that is wrong as you have no right to judge somebody. But I gave an option for the sake of all the psychos out there, who just cannot survive without evaluating and criticizing others!
Grow up guys! Looks remain with a person for few years; it’s the inner personality that remains with you forever! So, stop being a phycho... Live and let live happily:))))
Keep smiling and stay blessed forever!

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