Monday, August 19, 2013

And U.P continues to bleed...

Me and mom were having our general gossip session over phone, few days back. We were just generally talking about the social and political situation in U.P. BTW, don't get surprised, that's one of our favorite topics! We both love to talk about politics:)

Anyways, so she told me about the situation that U.P is currently in: its messy, its chaotic and completely sad. Its not that this is something new. U.P had been in this messy situation from years now. That's what I was feeling surprised as in why Mom is cribbing about it this time. I mean I have grown up there and have been seeing that place in this poor situation since then. And I also thought and realized that people had actually stopped expecting anything from any new CM, whether it is Mayawati or Mulayam or anybody else for that matter. It stopped mattering to them. They knew that the claims made before the elections would again prove to be a delusion. Infact, People just stopped feeling sad and disheartened at the false claims and at the worsening situation of U.P.

But then Mom explained me as to why they are feeling the pinch. This time, the case is different. People are really disappointed, yes they are feeling deceived, they are feeling that tweak of pain of getting fooled again, this time by a new young lad called Akhilesh Yadav.

And that's because they really had big hopes from this chap. They thought he is young, dynamic, energetic, he is aggressive, progressive in thinking, studied in Australia, talks senses in his speech. And this was the only reason why they gave chance to Mulayam Singh's party again.

Otherwise, everybody knows that Mayawati's rule is far better than Mulayam's. Atleast the crime rate is less and that's what people are concerned about. They really do not bother how much money who is making. Everybody does that in politics. All they want is a secured life. In Malayam's rule, crime just goes to peak and there is just nobody to control. U.P becomes more like a jungle in his rule and so, people prefer Mayawati over him.

Anyways, but this time they thought to give a chance to young blood. They thought this guy is going to do something good for their state. Everyone was enthusiastic and hopeful when he was sworn in the state's youngest CM. He appeared to be a complete and overall package to the people. Despite the fact that everybody had apprehensions because of his controversial father. But even then everyone was just tempted to give this bright eyed, passionate lad a shot at transforming all that was foul and fetid in U.P. People thought he would clean up the rot, he would give a new direction but alas, even he proved to be one of his forefathers. The noises that he made in the initial days, the promises all proved to be a fallacy... Again!!!  He just proved to be a mere puppet to his dad. Infact he was just a card that was played by Mulayam to win the elections.

Really much was expected from Akhilesh Yadav. He was even being talked of as the next big thing – a future Prime Minister . In our enthusiasm and desperation of a good and young leader, we forgot his roots, his biggest influence or rather idol – his father. And Akhilesh himself  made it more than evident that he is no different.

The way he blew up everything was mind blowing! Actually, people of U.P got aware of his misleading notions quite early but even the rest of India got to know the hypocrisy, incompetency of this lad by Durga Shakti Nagpal's case. His crude and rude or rather let me say foolish response and reaction to this case, exposed him and his arrogance to the world!

Durga was merely doing her job, and was doing it amazingly well. She is, I guess amongst those very few honest Govt officers who really carry this urge to do something, to change the system but then, how can politicians bear such a person. And she was made a target of an organized campaign. The problem is  Akhilesh had not calculated that the repercussions would be so drastic, that Durga would get nationwide support and that too in such a ferocious way from all sides: from media, common janta, IAS officers, everybody was there supporting her and asking for justice and demanding answers from U.P Govt

One of SP's netas (sorry, I feel embarrassed to use the word 'leader' here) had the audacity to suggest that U.P. can do without IAS officers. I mean just imagine the height of arrogance of netas in U.P!  All local netas are just drunk on their position and power. And guess what, the minister is still there "serving the nation"... Opppsss, sorry "serving his and his master's pockets"

This time, Akhilesh has really gone too far in testing the patience of people. His party, SP is surely going to face huge damage in long run.

Nonetheless, U.P.’s track record when it comes to transfer of officers is not great, its staggeringly bad. The reasons behind these transfers being the officers’ inflexible stand to refuse to play ball with politicians.

Anyways, I wonder what's wrong with our young blood: Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Varun Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia. Nobody has been able to prove themselves. They seems to be influencing, promising initially but as soon as they get into power, everything changes. They just become a mere chip to the old system.

Poor young India feels sad and depressed, or rather embarrassed, led down and disappointed by the incompetency of these so called young leaders. What amazing young leaders we have: Akhilesh: puppet of his dad and Rahul Gandhi: Puppet of his mom! So, basically all we have are daddy's and mommie's boys in politics. India is grown up, don't know when these lads will!!!

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