Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dreams of a little girl

I got this weird thought today morning that how the fairies and angels of our dreams in youth gets subtlety converted into ghosts of ambitions in this journey of life!

Dreams of a little girl,
To shine in this world...
The fairies of her expectation,
Took her for a ride to the world’s ocean...
The angels of her hope,
Too joined her in this elope...
Where there was only joy, pleasure and fun,
They forgot to introduce her to the ghost of ambitions...
Which was to chase her for the rest of her life,
She’ll have to deal with her expectations & ambitions in strife...
Only if she’d been taught to create a balance,
It would have so easy for her to handle...
Dreams of a little girl,
Now replaced with the ambitions!

Keep smiling and stay blessed:)


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