Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The velvety icing on the top of cupcakes

One more weird thought originated from my weird brain! Below it is:)

The velvety icing on the top of cupcakes,
Looks like thrill on the top of happiness
The cream froth floating in a cup of coffee,
Looks like our hopes floating in the ocean of obscurity
The brownie dipped in the melting chocolate sauce,
Looks like a person getting tough in the searing difficulties
The small chips on the top of an enormous muffin,
Looks like small moments of happiness in one’s life span
Let us make our happiness more exciting with the icing of thrill,
Make sure your hopes keep floating in the ocean of uncertainties,
Leave yourself to get strong in the boiling sea of pain and troubles,
Do not forget to add the small chips of happiness on your life’s muffin…

Keep smiling alwaz and stay blessedJ

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