Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just a Hello:)

So, I am back after a hibernation phase of around a week:) No, I was definitely not resting! That is one luxury which is not made for me (or rather for which I am not made for!) or it will be more apt to say that it is a luxury which I just can't afford due to my super hyperactive brain!!!

Anyways, I was unable to pen down anything from last few days as I was busy with the maddening thing of job change! Oh I tell you its super tiring... I mean the paper work, finishing the documents, dealing with tension, stress, getting acquainted with the new people, new job, new place! But finally I am over it so I am happy:D (n here comes my 1000 watt smile!)

But I know coming weeks (probably it can stretch to months as well!) are going to be super hectic for me as I have a lot to learn and I am going to give myself to it completely! So, lets hope I am able to write regularly because when I don't do that, I start feeling guilty:( And I hate to deal with that! I have to give so many excuses to myself just to convince myself (sounds weird? but that's true!) My inner soul is very particular about few things and make sure I pursue them regularly and writing is one of them!

Anyways, keep smiling and stay blessed:) C ya soon:)))


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