Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Society, our movies and the rotten hypocrisy!

Yesterday finally I got to watch Cocktail (I know I am late... I am very late, ok...ok... super late!!!)... But this post is not about the movie review so I am safe:D

Its about the connotation that this movie has drawn with our society's hypocrisy! When I saw the trailers of this movie back in July, I really thought this one to be different, to be youth centric! I thought finally we got a movie which could portray a strong character like that of Veronica in a positive sense! But alas, I was completely disappointed by the way the whole Veronica character was portrayed in the movie!!!

This movie has once again established the decades old rotten subtext, the prejudice which prevails in our society that girls who wear salwar suit, pray in front of a Deity's statue, make biryani are the only ones eligible to get married to! This movie has also been made on the same decayed notion that girls like Veronica are only to screw and not to get married to! Phew... I cant explain how much I abhorred this movie!!! And yes, even the stupid thing how Veronica was ready to change herself completely just for the heck of getting married to a desi boy!!!

What a stupid notion this movie has established "Good girls always remains covered!" and yes, do not forget their middle name is "Sacrifice"...!!!

I really wish our society get rid of this hypocrisy soon and yes, our movies too!

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