Sunday, April 21, 2013

And it happens again!!!

And it happens again... Actually it had never stopped so I am wrong in mentioning the word "again" here. Just that one more case got a hype in media and we got to know about one more incident! But nobody knows how many such cases just get vanished behind the cruel and conservative thinking of our society... How many girls everyday become a source of quenching the lust of the care-takers and guardians of this society... And how many such cases are concealed behind the stupid logic of saving the honour of the parents and families of the victims , how many such cases are killed by the warnings and threats given by the culprit to the victim and its family...

But this time, the incident that came into light was not only heinous but also abhorrent. Actually I really cant find any appropriate adjective to define this disgusting act of cruelty! I feel ashamed to call myself a part of such a society that has gone to an extent where a 5 year old gets raped!!!

On one side, we as a society claims of getting matured and modern by each passing day and on the other hand, there are these incidents that are more than enough to reveal the hypocrisy of these claims...Are we really getting modern in the right way? Are we really getting broad minded in the right sense???

When a girl of teenage or older gets raped, the owners of our society really have so many excuses to put the blame on the girl itself: Cloths, fashion, timings at which she was out, her character and blah blah... These factors play a very important role for our society in deciding and declaring if the girl raped deserved it or not! Believe me, this is the kind of society we are residing in... Now, what about this 5 year old girl? Can our society blame it on her cloths? Really????? On the timings when she was roaming around or rather playing???? or yes, on her character??? I wish society was a human being and could speak... I would have really demanded the answers of these questions in words! Why just me? I am sure every women in this country want these answers now!

On one hand, we pray to a thousand of Goddesses (who are women too!), we keep fasts for them, we visits their temples, we do everything possible to make them happy... We do so even without knowing if they really exists or not, if the women deities they are praying really have any power or not, if these goddesses really play any role in our lives... But yes, we just can't take care of, we just can't respect the real women who are alive, who breathe, who are also made of bones and flesh, who are made of emotions, who plays a very important role in the creation and existence of this society, who contributes equally to the welfare of this society. The owners of our society can't respect them!

But if they can't respect women, at least they should not insult them by again and again proving them weak, treating them as a mere fragile creature that men believe are just made for their entertainment!

I just wish the ghosts in the horror stories that I had been growing up listening to were true! I wish it so badly and I also wish they had the power to punish these horrible men who carry out such horrible acts with the worst and the most painful suffering! What else can I  think of when I know that we, as a society do not have anybody to guard us? Our government and police are like 2 castrated beings in our society whose all the limbs have already been rotten, whose emotions are already dead, who are actually suffering from leprosy! What so ever we do or how so ever we protest, they are adamant not to do anything, not to bring any change!!! In fact, in this case, policemen offered some money (supposedly 2000 bucks) to the family of the victim to be shut and not to bring this case in open! Can anybody really define this thing in words??? I don't know if these policemen have a single woman in their family!!!

After every incident, all our great politicians have to say is they are saddened and yes, they just do not forget to condemn the act! Phewwww... why don't these politicians get that we Indians are fed up of listening to these outdated sentences now... We need action and not words! The days of words are gone, gone long back... No idea, who is going to make them feel this... who is going to push them to bring a change in the way they work (if they do at all)...

As a women, all I can say is I feel terrible, scared and horrified by these incidents! Only a woman can understand the pain of being raped! How dreadful that would be... I wish the men of our society could just understand this. Then, perhaps our society would lead to a different road!

I just want to pray for that little angel to get well soon... May God bless her and give her the strength to forget this horrible thing and also, to give her all the happiness going forward...

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