Saturday, April 27, 2013

And we have found out the new culprit for rape cases: Pornography!!!!

In the rape case happened in Dec’12, few of the guardians of our society blamed the time at which the girl was out… In the case that happened recently where a 5 year old girl was rapped by 4 men, I thought this time atleast they will agree that Rape is not something that can ever be blamed on a girl. It is and it will be always be something that is a disgusting result of disgusting people’s uncontrollable lust!!! But there is this one thing so famous and true about us: the great Indians: we can find logics and answers to anything; we are capable of proving right as wrong and also, vice verse. And so, even in this case, when our society could not find anything else to blame (time, cloths, character etc etc), guess what they found to put the guilt on??? That’s Pornography!!!!

Yes, can you believe it? I mean I really wish to ask a straight question to the people who are blaming pornography for this rape and infact, are demanding a ban on the same. I just want them to explain the correlation between porn and rape!!!! I mean there are millions of people out there who watch porn regularly, do they just go and rape who so ever they see or who so ever they can catch??? No!!! So, why are we blaming porn for this one case!!! Why are we always looking out for some or the other excuse to be blamed in rape cases??? Why are we still not matured enough to blame the heinous, uncontrollable and monstrous lust of few psychos out there??? Why cant we??? Because then, perhaps the license which has been granted to all the men by our society to keep women under their control will come under scrutiny… The belief that was established long ago that a man has an upper hand in our society will get questioned… Why does our society never accepts any mistake done by men??? Because then questions will also be  raised on many laid and rotten rules established long ago by the keepers of our society!!!

But yes, the same society never feels ashamed to declare the victim as dishonored. They just don't feel embarrassed to tag the victims with the horrible adjectives and this makes life tougher for them.

A rape victim apart from just fighting with her own pains have to also fight with the notion that her honor had been destroyed and is ruined forever! The parents of the victim has to forever live with the fear of searching someone who would be ready to get married to their daughter who is said and believed to be disgraced. Yes, the man who did that to her, still has the freedom to go ahead and get married to the girl of his choice. Our society has granted that liberty to our men! Strange… The rules are completely different for women and men!

A woman’s honor is always linked with her virginity but a man’s honor is associated with all those hypocrite notions. A woman is declared to be a slut or even a whore if she goes around with more than one man but yes, a man is said to be a Casanova (and they are proud of this tag!!!) if he goes around with more than a woman… now what will you call that?? An ultimate case of discrepancy! A woman's honor lies in her vagina but for a man, his masculinity (which every man feels proud of) lies in his genitals...

But I feel so distressed by thinking about the pain that a woman has to go through while somebody is taking advantage of her body, when somebody is finding pleasure in those dreadful moments! Nobody can ever imagine that pain perhaps. It would be so painful, so scary to see someone taking control of your body without your permission and worst is when you are just not able to stop it, when you are so helpless to protect yourself! How agonizing it would be when somebody would touch you in the most intimate way without your wish! When you get face to face with the dreadful and scary face of something that you always dreamt of being beautiful and full of love! It is beyond imagination what would victims go through in those horrible moments!!!

But I guess our society makes all this more horrible and unforgettable for the women by putting a tag of being dishonored by losing her and her family’s so called integrity by getting raped! I mean what does honor has to do with a rape???  Is getting raped a girl’s mistake??


The heights in this case was when sunny leone’s name was dragged in all this and infact, some idiot even got to an extent of demanding her to be sent to a jail!!!! Her Guilt??? To promote Porn in our country and trying to spoil our innocent people who don’t even know what porn is! Gosh, poor sunny leone!!! I mean this is an ultimate example of how insane can our people behave at times (actually, all the time)… This was as insane  as the incident where, I remember a khap panchayat in some district of Haryana has blamed consumption of chowmein behind the growing incidents of rapes in the state saying it leads to hormonal imbalance. Can you really believe that these people/idiots are in 21st century...

As if before Sunny leone came to India, our naive people were not even aware of what porn is, watching it of was a distant dream!!!  In our country, nobody watches porn and everybody is a saint!!!  That’s why I always call our society a bloody bunch of hypocrites and cowards!!!

These dumb people don’t even understand that banning porn might infact increase the chances of rapes more. Infact, its high time to make prostitution in our country legal. I don’t know how much that is going to help in reducing  Rape cases but yes, I know one thing atleast there will be options for those maniacs / monsters/ psychos out there who can’t control their bloody lust and may be, they will stop ruining lives of innocent girls.

Anyways, hopefully we and our society gets matured soon and stop searching for reasons to blame rather than blaming the real culprit!!! And also, wish our society stops correlating rape and honor, it will really become little easy for those victims to forget and carry on with their lives again. Perhaps it is not easy to forget such horrible things but atleast it will surely help the women to start leading a normal life.

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  1. i don't know what the solution is for this heinous trend getting prevalent in our society but I agree with u that our society is a bloody bunch of hypocrites and cowards.


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