Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Absurd Questions!

There comes a stage in your life when you start thinking who are you?, what are doing with life?, is it worth it the way you are leading it and many other such absurd questions start attacking your mind and you never ever get answers suffice enough to satisfy your mind!

Thats a absurd stage of life which I guess, everyone goes through. I believe thats the stage when you start growing up (not in age!). In early years of teenage, we all have this absurd thinking that the world is at our feet! But as we start entering later years of 20's, we start realizing that life is just not as simple as we thought or as it ought to be!

I guess, this stage brings a huge change in the way a person leads his or her life! And that is when we start getting matured! Am I sounding like those old people who just start giving gyan anywhere and anytime! (No offense) I know I may be, but plz bear with me as I guess I am going through the same stage:) Yes, I feel like I need to do something to make my life meaningful! God.. And this thought is killing me day and night! But I know I will soon figure out what I need to do and then, I will be back with my usual self:) These weird attacks of forbidden thoughts on your mind make you feel alive:D

Keep smiling alwaz and stay blessed:)


  1. hey Neha thanks:):)... this is what I alwaz believe and say Keep smiling! It has the power to take away all the pain:)


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