Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creativity of the man I love!

My husband: the man I love, have this amazing talent! He is super creative, have an amazing imagination and writes super well! I often ask him to create his blog but he just have no time for it:( And so finally I decided to put his stuff here on my blog! A bit inspired by the new airtel ad <Wink* wink*> "Jo tera hai woh mera hai, jo mera hai woh tera hai..."

BTW, I created this blog for him in 2008! But as I told you being in a job of 11-8, he is just unable to pen down his thoughts regularly and so, I ursurped his blog:D

You can read some of his old stuff here (Cheer up, You are a winner! ) and here (Deliberate is difficult!)...

Below are few amazing lines (which I remembered!) which came from the creative of mind of this man!

"If only mosquitoes sucked calories instead of blood - the world will be a much healthier place"

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