Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to life:)

Been more a month since I have penned down anything... Blame it on me or my vacations:)... Had been off to Europe (my dream vacation!) for 2 weeks last month. And so, was just not able to write anything! Though I really wanted to write each and every day's experience in Europe but before leaving, I gave a word to myself of not touching my phone or my lappy till the time i was going to be on vacation and so, I kept my word! And this one thing made my holidays more enjoyable and more exciting! I will definitely not take the complete credit of keeping myself away from phone or net, would love to share the same with the beauty of Europe which made me so mesmerized that I just had no urge to grab my phone or browse anything!

But now, as I am back to the real world, will resume to writing again:D

I have plans to pen down so much. Wish I just get time to finish that all!!!

Keep smiling alwazzzz...

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