Monday, August 6, 2012

Chronicles of Europe

As mentioned in my last post, I had been off to Europe last month. Well, it will definitely be an understatement to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was simply divineJ and there are many reasons for it. 1. Obviously the place is so romantic, so beautiful that words will definitely not be able to describe the same. 2. I deliberately kept myself away from all sort of sources of tensions: Phone, net etc. 3. I was accompanied by the guy I love! What else would have I asked for?
In around 14 days, we had been to 7 countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany) which itself is suffice to explain how hectic the trip would have been! It was actually not a vacation, it was a tourJ But still I was glad…
We used to wake up@ around 6 am daily and used to come back by 9 or so… I don’t remember a day when we would have got to sleep for more than 6-7 hrs! So, it defines the degree of our hectic schedule. But I do not complain about it as it gave the chance to utilize our time wellJ
So, would try to pen down my experiences in short and crisp wordsJ The most beautiful place we visited was  Switzerland (I guess that goes without saying). This place is heaven guys. I just cant say anything beyond that! This place is like a fairytale, it is!
The most romantic place amongst all was I guess, Paris. They say in Paris, love is in the air! How true is that… I mean it simply romantic, simply adorable! You just feel like kissing, hugging in that place! Its heaven for lovers. One of the most beautiful thing in Paris is the boat ride on River Seine where you can view all the major bridges of Paris (they are simply unique and beautiful) and all the beautiful, important and famous buildings. Off course the most beautiful view was of Eiffel tower at night! Especially when there is a special lighting there for 5 mins @ around 11 pm. I just cannot describe that view, that feeling in words. It simply left me awestruck!
The most commercialized place I felt was Germany… Its again very beautiful but yes, you will find a little more population there as compared to any other country. Off course this is sans Blackforest which is again commendable. You just see huge black trees on both sides of the road, you just see beautiful landscapes!!! It’s a treat for the eyes guys! I wish I could have spent my whole life there! BTW, the famous blackforest cake has been originated from this place. It has been named so as when it snows in this area, the whole forest looks like a chocolate cake!
A pleasant surprise was Austria. I had never expected it to be so stunning and amazing! It was super clean, that’s all I can say! Thank God, I got a chance to see this place.
Also, I can’t forget to mention about the beautiful churches or the cathedrals which are found all across Europe. They are very very different and amazing. They just leave you dumbstruck! The architecture is simply commendable! The statues, the paintings, the carvings, the structures everything was simply admirable! I feel so lucky to get a chance to saw all the major ones in Europe! And all of them were equally beautiful.
Overall, its definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. Each and every country is different and unique in its own way and this makes Europe more exciting!
I would definitely go back to all these places again. I would be posting few of the pics in my next postJ

Till then, Keep smiling and Stay blessed…

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