Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have just started watching friends (the series)... I had seen it long back when I was a kid. But then, that time my age din't allow me to understand and enjoy the same completely. I had this little memory of watching and enjoying the same and so, for the sake of it, I always had a urge to watch it again!!!

So, compeled by the urge (which is unquechable, what I want, I just want!!! Even I cannot stop myself!) few days back I got all the series from one of my friends and I just started watching the series religiously from Season 1- Episode 1! And then there was no stopping. I am on 7th season now and believe me, I just loved and loved each and every bit of moment which I spent in watching this amazing piece! I have watched every episode at least twice and aored each one of them. I am totally in love with the series and I think it is definitely one of the best TV series ever made!

These days I commute to office via cab and so, I have 2 hrs (one way!) to waste everyday! yeah... Before it used to be so much difficult for me to spend these 2 hrs, believe me!!! At least it was fine in the morning because I just used to grab my book and completely dig myself into it. But in the evenings, I just had nothing, absolutely nothing to do and so, it was so terrible and sometimes, unbearable. I used to feel so guilty of wasting 2 precious hrs every day. But then came the day when I started watching friends on my phone in the evening in cab, everything got changed! It was like a blessing!!! These days, I just dig myself into my phone the moment I grab a seat in cab and remove my headphones reluctantly only when I reach my stop! In fact, I just sometimes forget about my stop and my colleagues have to remind me about the same... Getting bored for 2 hrs is a bygone story now...

In office, I actually wait for the whole day to get into the cab and give an awesome treat to my brain! I actually crave to see the next episodes... And believe me guys, after watching it I just forget all the stress, tensions and everything... In fact, sometimes I get so much engrossed in watching it that I just start laughing loudly!! Man, that's so uncontrollable. BTW, while talking about Friends, I am bound to reveal my fav character in the series... I love them all, they all are unique and different and so so lovable! But one character who brings the real humour is Joey and so, he is my fav... Just and just love him!!!

I think I am addicted to the series but this is one addiction I am in so much love with that I never ever want to get rid of it!!! I believe whosoever has not seen this series has really missed something in life! Guys, go ahead and watch it... You will start loving and living life! It will take away all the tension and stress from your life...
It is a high doze of laughter! Beware! Keep smiling laughing!


  1. Love the line - keep 'smiling' (laughing) :) Looking forward to watch the series! :)

  2. this is one sitcom which I have watched when it first started and still continue to watch it on and off (it is a syndicated show now)...Every time I find something new in it that cracks me up :))...one of the best and funniest one to date...Enjoy and watch it again and again ...it is worth the time:))


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