Wednesday, August 15, 2012

True meaning of Independence!

Every year Independence Day brings a lot of excitement in us (We - the Indians)... But what’s the reason for that 'excitement': our independence? or that extra one day off which we get after a gap of many months? I know I have narrowed down the 2 things to a large extent but isn’t there a bitter truth somewhere? Do we really feel excited for the Independence which this day represents? Do we really cherish the freedom which we achieved on this day? Do we really understand the worth of these 2 words called: Independence and Freedom? Do we? Ask yourself and the answer could be a bit shocking... Though I am definitely not generalizing this concept... May be its just my story and my feelings...

It is definitely not my mistake, its not. I was born in an independent country, I was born with the complete freedom! I remember about this one chapter in our hindi book in 6th or 7th std which talks about how a person only value those things which he earns with struggle and pain... You do not understand the value of a glass of water till you have to stay thirsty for few hrs, you do not understand the value of a 100 Rs note, till you earn those 100 Rs with a day's hard work, you do not realize the value of true love till you are crushed before... and this is the story with everything! So now, I ask myself again do I cherish my independence in the same way as I should be? Probably not...

When I was a kid, I remember I used to be extremely excited for Independence Day or Republic day or even Gandhi Jyanthi... And that was off course not for the day off:) Then, why there used to be excitement for these days within me back then when I did not even had the senses to understand the true meaning of them? May be because I was taught to love and celebrate these days, I was taught to believe in them! And as I grew up, as I became independent, these teachings from school and parents eventually stopped! As I got tied up with my commitments, even the excitement for these days started fading out, that excitement took a back seat in my life and I just started taking my independence for granted!!!

It was all same till today when I spoke to a friend of mine and we had this small debate over the independence. I told him "I don’t think we are really independent. We are worse than that... We have uncountable issues to face which we as a nation are unable to resolve." And then, he just said one thing which shook me from within, "Ask the same question to the hindu families who are fleeing illegally to India from  Pak" and I got my answer! I got it and in a span of a min, I started cherishing this valuable thing called Independence which My nation gave to me!!!

Since birth, I did whatever I wanted (being a girl!), I lived however I wanted to...  Many girls definitely do not have that privilege to do the same in many countries! How come I forgot the importance of this freedom?

And today, with great pride I say this is my land, this is my country, this is my mother and I love it!!! I laughed here, I cried here, I played here, I learnt here, I flew paper planes in its sky, my boats swam in its rain water and I grew up here! It gave me permission to do all that I wanted in life! What else could I expect from it??? Nothing more.... And I am surely proud to be an Indian. It gave me the true freedom... Yes, there are few issues here and there but that’s fine, nothing is perfect in the world. I am sure we Indians will one fine day be able to eradicate all these issues because we have the biggest strength: Our Freedom!

Thank You India for giving me everything and salute to all the heroes who helped us with this to live with this freedom.... Love you!!!

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