Saturday, October 27, 2012

This one is for you Dad!

This is for that one man whom I love the most in this world! That one man who had been my first inspiration, my first hero, my first idol, the first super human being I had known and my first love!

Yesterday was his b’day and as usual, I couldn’t post this write up yesterday as I wanted to write something very very special for him! I wanted to take my own time in doing thatJ He completely deserves it! This special man in my life is my dad, my dad who had always been with me in whatever I did! True he did that in his own ways but I love you dad! Whatever I am today is just and just because of you and nobody on this whole planet can ever take your place!

You gave me life,
You gave me existence...
You gave me my individuality,
You gave me my originality...
You gave me much more than what you could afford,
You gave me your selfless love, warmth and so much more...
You gave me your peace of mind,
You gave me your sleeps of night...
You gave up your dreams to fulfill mine,
You gave up your luxuries to make them mine...
You are the bestest dad I could have ever asked for,
You are the epitome of God, how could I ask more...
I wish you become my dad, every time I take birth,
I don’t care in what form I come on this earth...
I love you more than anything in this universe,
My feelings for you are beyond these mere words!

Happy Birthday dad! Love you and wish you many many many many happy years to comeJ

Keep Smiling:)

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  1. Wow.. What a wonderful and touching post; read this a few times as it was so beautiful. This is by far one of the nicest things I have read of late, he seems like a truly exceptional father and an amazing person too.


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